Racing In The Silverdome: This 1983 Video Shows The Wild World Of Outlaws Midget Race Held Inside!

Racing In The Silverdome: This 1983 Video Shows The Wild World Of Outlaws Midget Race Held Inside!

This is AWESOME and it is the first of two videos we’ll bring out over the next couple of days featuring competition INSIDE the Pontiac Silverdome (which failed to fail the other way when demo crews were attempting to knock it down). BangShift commenter Old Race Fan Joe put us on the scent of this good stuff and boy were his instincts right! They raced all kinds of stuff inside the walls of the Silverdome from ASA stock cars to monster trucks, midgets, and we have also heard that they once trucked dirt in for modifieds but we cannot find video of that madness. This World Of Outlaws Midget race is an awesome one because the action is non-stop and the cars seem to be “right-sized” for this tiny little racing surface.

There are a load of big names in this one as well including John Andretti, Kenny Schrader, Marty Davis, and more! The purse for this race was a big one and as you will hear announcer Larry Nuber talk about the size of the purse for this event could match nearly a half a season of winnings for a driver. This is the whole show so you will see the heat races and you will see the main feature. The announcers are claiming that the machines are nearly clipping 100mph along the straights and while we can’t verify it for sure, we can tell you that it sure looks like they are cooking.

Midget racing is awesome because you can see right into the cars and watch the drivers work the wheel. We cannot imagine how much the surface changed over the course of the event. The concrete floor had to have been like ice to start and then it likely got better and better as more rubber was built up on the floor.

The amount of passing and action here will blow you mind. Guys lift for a moment and lose eight spots. We have showed plenty of indoor racing before but this is on a completely and utterly different level. Imagine what the place smelled like?! Ohhhh it had to have been the perfume of the Gods in there!

Press play below to see wild World Of Outlaws Midget racing in the Silverdome –

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