Ride On Bret Voelkel’s Shoulder As He Hammers The Goodguys Nashville Autocross In His 1969 Mustang

Ride On Bret Voelkel’s Shoulder As He Hammers The Goodguys Nashville Autocross In His 1969 Mustang

It isn’t often that you get to look over the boss’s shoulder at work but that’s exactly what we get to do in this video that the guys from RideTech tipped us off to. Taken with a camera mounted outside the car at the Goodguys Nashville event, this is a great view to see Bret sawing the wheel inside the car and just how bendy and fun the course is, especially the short chute finish where he hangs the tail nicely. We have several videos of RideTech equipped cars hammering this course but we wanted to start with this one because the recently revamped Mustang is really a killer piece and it rides on air. That’s right, there are TQ Shockwaves on all four corners with an AirBar triangulated four link bolted to the back of this bad boy. Lingenfelter power under the hood, Baer stoppers, Forgeline wheels, and an awesome Rankin NASCAR four speed complete the hard parts that really make this thing scream.

Bret has been spending some time in this car as of late. Not just in Nashville but at other events across the country and it is a great testament to just how much performance is available via air suspension cars. The days of air suspension simply being a fun thing for laying frame and achieving a certain look are over. Yes, you can vary ride height and all of that good stuff but you also have an in infinitely adjustable suspension system that can burn corners and hang with the best traditional suspension equipped cars in the pits.

While Bret does not have to do much shifting here due to the taller gearing in the four speed transmission, the car is never lacking for power or response. You can hear him working the throttle and the wheel to keep the Mustang happy and stuck to the ground. He does a heck of a job. He wheeled the Mustang to a 5th place finish in the pro division at Nashville and again, that’s on air!


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