Road Course Dice! Watch Two Historic BMW 3.0L CSL Batmobile Coupes Beat On Each Other At Daytona

Road Course Dice! Watch Two Historic BMW 3.0L CSL Batmobile Coupes Beat On Each Other At Daytona

It is pretty rare to see a single 1973 BMW 3.0L CSL anywhere but to have a pair of them literally racing door handle to door handle in the heat of battle is absolutely awesome! This footage comes to us from our pal Craig Sutherland and it was taken during the Classic 24 Hour event that was held a couple months back at Daytona. The race draws the coolest vintage road racing equipment in the world and when a pair of cars that are both worth well into the millions of dollars get driven like they are stolen, you KNOW it is a good show.

For those of your unfamiliar with the BMW 3.0L CSL it was a hot rodded version of the BMW CS road car. The L stood for “light” and in the fine tradition of factory built race cars in every genre, there was plenty of aluminum that replaced steel to get weight down, a wild aerodynamic package (where is where the Batmobile name comes from) and more horsepower than the standard factory model as well. The cars were immediately competitive in touring car and endurance racing circles, winning the 1973 German Touring car circuit but more importantly winning their class at the 1973 24 Hours of LeMans. One of the cars you will see dicing here is the actual car that won class at LeMans! That’s freaking awesome.

American road racing legend Brian Redman is piloting one of the cars and while he’s pushing 80 years old chances are that he’d still kick your ass six ways to Sunday in matching equipment!

Our buddy Craig Sutherland sent this info along as well – 

In this video we are lucky enough to ride along as two genuine multi-million dollar 1973 BMW CSL’s battle it out on the high banks. Ride along in the Summerour/Orjuela CSL as it does battle with The Brian Redman in the Hughes/Redman entry. The car Brian is driving won its class in LeMans in 1973 with Dieter Quester and Toine Hezemans driving. Brian is making passes on the outside and expertly sliding around several million dollars worth of car without fear. At 78 years old Brian remains as tough today as ever. The Classic 24 Hour has quickly become one of the must attend events, bringing in the best entries and drivers from around the world.

Press play below to see these two truly historic cars get after it at Daytona!

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