Nailed It: The 1993 Dodge Intrepid Was A Car The Company Desperately Needed To Work And It Did

Nailed It: The 1993 Dodge Intrepid Was A Car The Company Desperately Needed To Work And It Did

I’m not saying I was a total weirdo at age 13 but one of the car posters I had on my wall was of a Dodge Intrepid. Why? These things were a radical departure from the norm of what was on the highway in 1993 and Dodge was selling them HARD just before they got to the dealer lots. Hell, they sold them hard enough that may parents bought a 1997 Eagle Vision after we had a Dodge Intrepid as a rental car on a vacation! But I digress.

The Dodge of the early 1990s was one of desperation and of maverick leadership. Tom Gale on the design front, Bob Lutz pushing product, and a lot of sweaty handed accountants praying that these two guys had a clue as to what they were trying to accomplish. They turned the Viper into a reality, they made the Intrepid happen in lightning fashion, and in 1994 they would debut the new series of Ram trucks that would set the whole pickup world on its ear.

The joke is that the LH in LH-platform (what theses cars ride on) stood for last hope as this project was in the final stages. It was a massive company investment. The good news is that, as you will see, everyone loved the cars when they were new.

Seeing one today? Good luck. The 2.7L engine was known for all kinds of sludging problems and the cars in the salt belt rotten pretty quickly. When is the last time YOU saw one of these out and about?

Press play below to see this rather glowing review of the 1993 Dodge Intrepid ES –

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5 thoughts on “Nailed It: The 1993 Dodge Intrepid Was A Car The Company Desperately Needed To Work And It Did

  1. TheCrustyAutoworker

    I built these cars at Brampton assembly plant (still working there actually) and to this day I can’t believe what a radical departure these cars were from the Dodge Dynasty before it.
    While I preferred the more refined looks of the second generation cars (especially the 300m), I still love just how different the original Intrepid looked when compared to the Ford and GM products of the early ’90s.

  2. Matt Cramer

    I saw somebody with a second generation Intrepid R/T at a local grocery store about a month ago. I was so surprised I decided to take a few pictures. The owner saw me and spent quite a bit of time talking about the car.

  3. Anthony

    I remember driving them new. I liked the New Yorker. They drove great but I remember it had the same steering wheel as a Ram Van.

  4. Steve

    We bought a one year old Intrepid in ’97 as my wife’s daily. It had the upgrade 3.5 engine. The thing drove very well. great handling. I was leery of the transaxle reputation, so I changed the fluid religiously. At 196,000 miles it blew a head gasket. I felt it served us well. They have basically vanished, as you noted.


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