Nailed It: The 1993 Dodge Intrepid Was A Car The Company Desperately Needed To Work And It Did

Nailed It: The 1993 Dodge Intrepid Was A Car The Company Desperately Needed To Work And It Did

I’m not saying I was a total weirdo at age 13 but one of the car posters I had on my wall was of a Dodge Intrepid. Why? These things were a radical departure from the norm of what was on the highway in 1993 and Dodge was selling them HARD just before they got to the dealer lots. Hell, they sold them hard enough that may parents bought a 1997 Eagle Vision after we had a Dodge Intrepid as a rental car on a vacation! But I digress.

The Dodge of the early 1990s was one of desperation and of maverick leadership. Tom Gale on the design front, Bob Lutz pushing product, and a lot of sweaty handed accountants praying that these two guys had a clue as to what they were trying to accomplish. They turned the Viper into a reality, they made the Intrepid happen in lightning fashion, and in 1994 they would debut the new series of Ram trucks that would set the whole pickup world on its ear.

The joke is that the LH in LH-platform (what theses cars ride on) stood for last hope as this project was in the final stages. It was a massive company investment. The good news is that, as you will see, everyone loved the cars when they were new.

Seeing one today? Good luck. The 2.7L engine was known for all kinds of sludging problems and the cars in the salt belt rotten pretty quickly. When is the last time YOU saw one of these out and about?

Press play below to see this rather glowing review of the 1993 Dodge Intrepid ES –

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4 thoughts on “Nailed It: The 1993 Dodge Intrepid Was A Car The Company Desperately Needed To Work And It Did

  1. Ray Alcorn

    The pre Daimler Chrysler was a great company that made interesting vehicles that people wanted to buy. In addition, they were a profitable company with many innovative ideas. Gale and Lutz were way ahead of their times and Iacocca should have appointed Lutz as the CEO instead of weak ass Eaton. It was Eaton who caved to the Germans and Chrysler has been dealing with bad owners ever since.

  2. Chris

    My mom almost bought one of these new in ’93. But she bought a ’93 Duster instead… With 3 boys all over 6 feet the intrepid would have been way more practical

  3. Barry

    I’m still driving LH cars. A 2001 LHS that gives amazing gas mileage and 30 more hp on #2 gas

    It finally looks at home w the more updated competitors cloning the aerodynamics and spaciousness Doesn’t look 20-years old.

    The only car to compete in driving ‘feel,’ style and overall synergy is the new Mazda 3,

  4. Gene Poon

    Outside the rust belt, these 1993-1997 cars are still seen occasionally. Up in Canada they were prized after being traded in, as taxicabs because of their durability and the 3.3 liter V6 engine, a sturdy and long-lived powerplant. The 2.7 engine mentioned in the article was not in the original 1993-1997 cars, but was introduced in 1998. It is probably responsible for the lower survival of those newer cars.


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