The Automotive Gremlin: This 1999 Mazda Miata Looks Cute, Is Actually Ferocious!

The Automotive Gremlin: This 1999 Mazda Miata Looks Cute, Is Actually Ferocious!

Carroll Shelby did not invent the “smaller car with bigger engine” plan with the Shelby Cobra. Neither did Ian Garrad when he dreamed up the Sunbeam Tiger. Honestly, you have to go way back in history to figure out who did the first shoehorn job, but may that individual have an eternal place in the great garage in the beyond, because ever since the fateful day more cubic inches and/or more cylinders became the proper option, gearheads haven’t let the idea go. Look at the two examples provided: those cars are over fifty years old and both cars still command respect simply because of what they are capable of doing in the right hands. Tiny car, big power…it equals the kind of fun that kids are usually promised when the adults are talking up a trip to the local theme park.

And that’s the truth with this Mazda Miata:

“Here we have a Brand New Built V8 Miata track day car. This is a no expense spared, best of the best Miata track day car. We started with a low mileage, immaculate southern donor car and started from square one. The paint and body are impeccable, freshly detailed and ceramic coated. We installed a fully custom built beautiful full SCCA/NASA legal roll cage that is tucked tight to the A-Pillars, Nascar style door bars, upper halo tubes tucked tight to the roof, and gusseted to the max. We wanted the car ultimately to be safe first off, offer as much room as possible for bigger drivers and add the needed rigidity to the cope with the added horsepower. There is a full containment Ultrashield aluminum seat with Racequip cam lock belts, NRG quick release wheel, MPI Steering wheel, custom guage pack, NACA duct sail windows, Cool it thermal barrier to keep the driver cool, and the complete interior was painted professionally in a beautiful Machine Grey paint. The suspension is a full V8 Roadster kit with tubular crossmember, tubular control arms with heim joints, Jesse Prather Afco adjustable shocks, Heavy Duty Motorsports Hubs, and a full StopTech brake kit with braided lines, 2-piece rotors and 15×8 Wheels with new Toyo RR tires.  Now on to the fun stuff that dreams are made of. We installed a brand-new GM Performace Crate 430hp LS3 motor, mated to a new Transzilla T-56 speed transmission all driven through a brand new Getrag CTS-V rear diff. Custom hardened axle have been used to take the abuse of the this amazing powerplant. Custom headers, cooling system, oil cooler, heat shields, hood vents, H-pipe and magnaflow muffler are some of the other added features. This car fires up like a new corvette, is super reliable and will run all day long as designed by GM Performance. Here is your chance to own one of the most fun cars to drive with the added power we all thrive to have. This car handles like a Spec Miata but will out run a Porsche GT3 in the straights!”

I don’t care if you have to coat my firesuit in Crisco just to fit me into this little howler, I want a crack and going full-throttle stupid in this little rocket just one time. A Corvette will thrill. This Miata might leave me little more than a happy drooling idiot.

eBay Link: 1999 Mazda MX-5 Miata

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7 thoughts on “The Automotive Gremlin: This 1999 Mazda Miata Looks Cute, Is Actually Ferocious!

  1. MGBChuck

    This little Beast looks like about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. Little Car plus V8 is a GREAT Idea !!

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Why is it that I am not surprised to read the letters LS?

    Yet another no-brainer with no imagination – what’s wrong with slotting in a ferocious 3 rotor or a small block Ford V8 which is something that Vulcan did when this car was first introduced.

    1. Dan Barlow

      Relax GEORDIE , on this side of the pond I would lay odds that most home built v8 miatas ar SBF because of the front distributor giving more firewall clearance than a SBC . But yes all the bucks up one are mostly LS powered because a LS really is kind of the best of both . A rotary, they have a reputation here in the states of blowing oil out the tailpipe about the time they should have been broken in . We have alot of repowered RX7s as well .

  3. TheJeepFromHell

    Hey Geordie, buck you fuddy! Fast is fast, you can’t say you wouldn’t have fun driving it!

  4. greenjunk

    The scariest car i ever rode in was a ls swapped miata back in 2006. 6 mufflers, almost silent and 420rwhp. Deadly fast, especially when you’re 6’1 and your chin is above the windshield

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