Watch A Guy With One Arm Dominate An Autocross Course WHILE Shifting Gears

Watch A Guy With One Arm Dominate An Autocross Course WHILE Shifting Gears

This is Chris and this is not the first time we have showed Chris’s abilities on the BangShift Parting Shift. In fact he was featured in this parting shift about a year ago.  That was a pretty quick in-car clip, this is a longer and even more awesome demonstration of the man’s talents because here we see him ripping through an autocross and having to upshift and down shift a time or two while doing it. Oh, and if you missed the title, Chris has one arm. He lost his arm in a motorcycle accident but it has not slowed his love for cars and speed at all.

In this video Chris is driving his Mustang at US131 Dragway in Martin, Michigan where an autocross course has been set up using some of the pit roads. The course is cool with corners, a few high speed chutes, some chicanes, and a slalom or two thrown in to manage the speeds. We’re thinking the car is in second gear for most of the run and he clips the limiter a time or two but even with both arms the limiter comes in so quickly before a turn he lifts and steers. Now, on two of the longer sections he grabs third, stays in for a second and then downshifts before entering the next bend. To say that we aren’t as smooth with both arms working as Chris is with one would be an understatement!

This guy is an inspiration and a study in the incredible nature of the human body. As adaptive as we are we figure out ways to do things. In Chris’s case he does them very fast. Watch this video and appreciate it for what it is. This dude flat out rules.

Press play below to see Chris haul tail through the autocross and shift gears!

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