The Family Hot Rod: Petrolicious Tells The Story of A Spanish Racing Mini That Has A Legacy

The Family Hot Rod: Petrolicious Tells The Story of A Spanish Racing Mini That Has A Legacy

People who don’t get cars or racing or competition or engineering or work tend to dismiss the rest of us and our obsession with the machines that we create, watch, operator, or observe. It’s some sort of shortcoming that we have, right? To look at inanimate objects with reverence and respect. They think we’re weird and should be doing more important stuff. What those people fail to realize is that it isn’t necessarily the object that we are looking at but more the blood, sweat, and tears behind it. We’re admiring human effort, craftsmanship, creativity, and accomplishment. We’re looking at the end result of someone’s skill. They’ll never get it and that is ok.

We mention that whole thing because the Petrolicious video below touches on all of that. You are going to get the back story of a racing Mini that was built in the 1970s by a famous racer in Spain. The story is told by his son who was so highly influenced by his father’s accomplishments that he himself went on to become a professional race car driver, operating in multiple series, and winning loads of stuff in everything from formula cars to monstrous road racing big rigs.¬†Antonio Albacete has his dad’s car back and boy is this perfect.

The roof chopped, the windshield laid back, the track width made wider, and the engine worked to the teeth, this screaming little car was a terror on race tracks 40 years ago and its now a family treasure that will never leave them again. Totally, totally awesome.

Press play below to see the story of this awesome 1973 Modified Mini race car –

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