Watch this Hemi ‘Cuda Tear Around The Nurburgring Nordschliefe From Inside The Car!

Watch this Hemi ‘Cuda Tear Around The Nurburgring Nordschliefe From Inside The Car!

Hemi ‘Cuda, Nurburgring Nordschliefe…I’ll take “Things that are so good that they are feared” for $1000, Alex. The Nurburgring Nordschliefe is the “Green Hell” for a good reason: the notoriously long and difficult track requires even hardened veterans to focus and be on the very top of their game or it will bite back hard. As for the ‘Cuda…ignore the restoration freaks for a second and picture what you’re really getting: a lot of motor in a small chassis, ready to devour whatever is in the way.

Combine those two with a field of some of Europe’s best offerings (and a random Corvette for good measure) and you’ve got excellent footage and wonderful sounds. This ‘Cuda was taking part in the Oldtimer’s Grand Prix at the Nordschliefe. Christophe Schwartz and Bernard Voslamber own the ’70 Plymouth, and neither seem to have any issue letting the car work to it’s full potential. The ‘Cuda runs hard and clean.

Hit play, crank the volume and listen to that Hemi sing!

(By the way, we don’t know if “old-timer” means the driver or the car. But in this case, we wouldn’t want to mess with either.)

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21 thoughts on “Watch this Hemi ‘Cuda Tear Around The Nurburgring Nordschliefe From Inside The Car!

  1. John T

    imagine that? A US muscle car running rings around a bunch of European cars…..but who was that expert who tells us that such things are not possible? What was his name? bullshit slinger? something like that….

    1. GuitarSlinger

      Running rings around the Euro cars ehhh ? Get a clue punk . This Hemi Cuda couldn’t out run a well driven BMW 325i on the ‘ Ring ‘ Never mind anything serious .

      Ahhh … you clueless little xenophobes and your pretentious and futile little minds . Constantly imagining a reality of dominance long since past while living in the delusion that the US still is #1 when it comes to cars

      As to the slur on my moniker ? Typical of what I’d expect from a low life beer addled individual such as yourself . I’d tell you to KSMYS .. but in reality I wouldn’t let the likes of you kiss my neighbors dogs @$&

      BWTM SFB’s … if … you knew anything at all about high performance cars … and especially high performance cars on the track like ‘ The Ring ‘…

      You’d know that this Cuda would of done much better with a small block under the hood instead of that lead brick Hemi .

      But then again … you don’t … know much of anything that is

      BTW Mr T [ reference intended ] …. get on the wagon … get a life … and grow up … for everyones sake . Fact is punk … you’re not even funny … never mind one to take seriously


      To the other comments … Yes it is known as ‘ The Ring ‘ ….. by everyone I might add .

      And no … there’s no way in hell Sabine the Ring Queen would even set foot in this car …. never mind drive it in anger on her turf . Fact is … she’s too smart to do so . Now if it was an AAR Cuda … well now … that’d be a different story 😉

      1. Nick

        Yeah you’re not a dooshbag. You’re contention about a 325i and a ‘Cuda is pure conjecture. The ‘Cuda looks far from stock. While a small-block does make much more sense for handling dynamics what if it a HEMI car has an aluminum block, and the engine is set back in the chassis, and the suspension has been worked on, as would be done in any half-serious attempt to road race such a car? At that point your 325i or M3 would just be down on power, 300hp-350hp down, yet somehow would be able to hold off a car that can get out of it’s own way in a corner, that accelerates much more quickly and has a higher top speed.
        Of course those stops at the BMW dealer after every 5 laps may slow your 3 series whatever down also.
        And . . . you know shit about ‘Cudas , a hood scoop and rear valence dot not make a a car. Stick with your vast Daihatsu knowledge in further commentary.

      2. 75Duster

        “Clueless little Xenophobes”, “Pretentious little minds” “Lowlife beer addled individual” “Envious idiots on this site”
        GuitarSlinger, why do you come to this site? Do you think that you are somehow better than everyone else here on this site?
        Let me clue you in on something “GuitarSlinger” many of us on this site are FED UP WITH YOU AND YOUR BULLSHIT!
        Why don’t you create your own website that caters to pompous assholes such as yourself?

  2. john

    I’d like to see Sabine Schmitz drive that Dodge around the “Ring”. Yes GS, people DO call it that.

    1. GuitarSlinger

      Gee … like I’ve ever claimed otherwise ? Oh wait …. I use the phrase ‘ The Ring ‘ all the time when it comes to discussions about the Nurburgring Nordschliefe seeing as how its shorter and easier to spell

      So other than trying to prove that you’re a hell of a lot more clever than you actually are … just WTF is your point you’re aiming at me ?

      Jeeze there’s some seriously envious idiots on this site !

  3. Greg

    In response to the footnote, the Germans often use the term “old-timer” in the same manner as we use the term “Classic Car”

  4. GuitarSlinger

    Hey Brian !

    From the Dept, of Corrections

    Wake up and smell the exhaust fumes

    That aint no Hemi Cuda . That is either e genuine AAR Cuda or at the very least a very good recreation of one .

      1. Peter

        Maybe, “Dumbass”, it’s a typo? However, you’d have to be retarded to make that mistake.IMO, it’s the wrong engine for this type of racing and the cars its racing against. Better choice would’ve been a big-inch small block Mopar engine with a very good set of cylinder heads.

  5. tigeraid

    Without knowing a thing about the car, GuitarSlinger is being a pretentious shit. For all we know it’s a tube-frame chassis with IRS, an all-aluminum engine and god knows what else. At several points in the video he seems to catch Porsches and other cars in the corners. Not frighteningly quick, but it is happening, and sticking with other cars too. Far too many unknowns, so being LOGICAL, I’ll just enjoy a badass video and if details about the car come out, I will change my opinion to suit them.

    1. Peter

      “Without knowing a thing about the car, GuitarSlinger is being a pretentious shit. For all we know it’s a tube-frame chassis with IRS,”

      LOL. I doubt that, especially when you can see the stock floorpan and firewall.

    2. CudaZappa

      It’s an original 383 car that now has a hemi and close ration 4spd. It has 1.24″ torsion bars, 230# leaf springs, solid axle, and Firm Feel fast ratio steering. Oh, and it lapped the ‘ring in 8:52. Not bad for a dinosaur.

  6. familyguy81

    Ok, I have tried to remain as silent as I can on this topic but enough is enough. GuitarSlinger, why do you even frequent this website? You try to pass yourself off as an expert on every car that has been made since the dawn of the automobile but have nothing good to say about any of them. If its a Chevrolet its crap, if its Ford its crap, if it is Chrysler its crap etc. I am willing to bet that most people that frequent this site, myself included, have a particular fondness of vintage and some modern, American iron , but respect horsepower for what it is even if it isn’t always American. You on the other hand having nothing good to say about anything. They announce that the Hellcat will have 707HP and all you can do is bitch? Seriously we live in an era of 600-700 horsepower cars, off the floor, with warranties and your fucking complaining? Then you attack people you don’t know accusing them of being alcoholics and berating them as feeble minded masses trying to impress with your volumes of vocabulary? Here is some vocab for you, FUCK YOU, nobody wants to hear or read any goddamn thing you have to say. Take your I’m too good for you little people attitude and shove it up your ass. Dickhead.

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