Watch Two Modified Drivers Turn A Race Into A Two-Car Demolition Derby-Even The Police Get Involved!

Watch Two Modified Drivers Turn A Race Into A Two-Car Demolition Derby-Even The Police Get Involved!

From Bowman-Grey Stadium in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we bring to you this title fight in the Modifieds division. Tim Brown, in the #83 car, and Burt Myers,in the #1 car have a history of bad blood on the track, and the situation came to a head on July 19th, 2014. Brown, the current points leader coming into the race, was running first place when Myers bumped and spun him out. Brown then sat on the track under caution until Myers drove by, at which point Brown spun Myers out. What ensued was a fast and violent game of tag until officials waived Brown off to the pits. That didn’t last long, as Brown came back onto the track and went for Myers again, which resulted in a car-on-car demo derby. At one point Brown’s car was driving over Myers’ Modified. The battle was ended when track officials and a Winston-Salem police officer broke them up. Both drivers were ejected and disqualified for the race.

Racing is one of the best places to see tempers rise-competition breeds frustration and anger. But more should be done when this level of insanity actually happens, not for both drivers to just be DQ’d and kicked out for the night.

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18 thoughts on “Watch Two Modified Drivers Turn A Race Into A Two-Car Demolition Derby-Even The Police Get Involved!

  1. tron

    Does a new video showing on-track mayhem come from Bowman-Grey every week? This seems to happen much more than at any other race track.

    1. Brian Lohnes

      It is certainly getting to be that way. Those guys are doing themselves and the sport of circle track racing no favors.

      1. Stupid Half-Redneck

        This is not even outrageous behavior for these clowns. Nope, it ain’t. Every week has been for decades, it’s just that YouTube has made the idiocy available to the world. Remember “Madhouse”? They still think the TV cameras are running. Complete pathetic worthless place.

        1. Red

          Modifieds at the “Madhouse” nothing more better. People don’t come to BGS for friendly drive around the track on a Sunday afternoon. People come for the intense racing and the attitudes. These guys tear sh!t up every weekend. They don’t get paid crap. They put up with a lot of crap but honestly to these guys it’s a way of life. People come from all over to race and get a slap of reality that is BGS. It’s funny to hear people slam BGS, because you don’t know crap about BGS. It isn’t always like this. There is actually racing going on. I know hard to believe but it truly is.

      2. Juice

        I bet next Saturday the stands will be full………money talks……Money is the evil of politics.

  2. Dave Dusterberg

    It does seem like there’s a lot of rough driving and unsportsmanlike driving attributed to Bowman Grey. I did a little short track racing while I lived in in N.C. and compared to my experience from the mid-west, there was a lot more rough driving and unsportsmanlike conduct. Must be an N.C. thing.

  3. Mr. Harder

    What a poor poor display of sportsmanship. I can understand a couple bumps in a heated race, but to be stopping, reversing, and then throwing down the derby gloves is not worth recording (fyi, I stopped watching at the 50 second mark, definitely not worth the time)

  4. Dude

    What you have forgotten is that in the beginning of NASCAR there wasn’t really sportsmanship. It was get your car across the finish line before the other fella by any means. When it comes to Bowman Gray that means you’re going to spin some one out. It isn’t a matter of if but when. Bowman Gray has had these conflicts for eons. There’s always been Burt against Brown and Junior Miller against Burt. These guys go at each other just about every week. But you know what BG and nor does NASCAR care to do anything about this behavior. It sells tickets. This place packs 10,000 people on any given Saturday. That’s not capacity. At 12 bucks to get in that’s a bunch of money at the door. Not including concessions and souvenir’s too, If NASCAR really wanted to do something about this they would yank their license. That would pull them out of BG and all other tracks including the Wheeling Southern Modified Tour. Which would also put the spot light on some of the other great drivers that never get any respect. But that’s not going to happen until somebody gets hurt. Sad but true. Shame.

  5. Stupid Half-Redneck

    This is the precise reason why – if you aren’t part of the weekly BG crowd, don’t ever go. They have their own closed society in all classes, and the biggest thing to do in East BumNuck is to go to the stadium and cheer like the Christians and the lions in the Coliseum for everybody to be in a demo derby. If you aren’t in on the preplanned crap for that night, your car is toast, it will be sacrificed to the octane gods.

    It is true – it has been going on for eons. And it is a “show”. This is the biggest embarrassment in NASCAR – these stupid idiots and this stupid track. It’s pathetically staged, and panders to the stupidity of stereotypical rednecks. It is not worth the $12, and it sure isn’t worth towing your car to participate in this little crash fest.

      1. Stupid Half-Redneck

        spun out. funny guy. a local defender. have fun dude, it’s the best show in the south, we all know that.

        1. ralph

          one should go. It’s right much fun and nobody is going to oust you because you decided to go. It’s fun and hollowed ground.

  6. Rocket

    If you have never been to Bowman Gray Stadium then honestly you don’t know jack. This is the place of legends. A place were there was racing long before the west coast even had an idea. Long before NASCAR was official. The place were the likes of Richard Childress pushed peanuts as a kid. Were Richard Petty raced. It’s a culture. No it isn’t your backwoods circle track full of inbreed idiots. It’s located in downtown Winston-Salem. Not in some suburb or in some field. Though it does circle a football field. You can make fun and talk smack all that you want about Bowman Gray Stadium but honestly if you’ve never been part of the “Madhouse” you’ll never ever get it. These guys tear it up and do it every stinking weekend. Time in and time out. There are fans who pull for guys like Tim Brown, Burt Myers, Jason Myers, Jr Miller and the likes like it was a professional NASCAR race. People don’t watch racing to see cars go around circles. They watch for the wrecks, the attitudes and thrill of it all. So before you throw more punches and get all bent, remember this is one of the best racing venues in the world. By far the greatest racing you’ll ever watch. People who never cared for racing love coming to Bowman Gray Stadium………

  7. ZZ

    I have never been to BG I’m a so cal boy (old Man). With no sponsors to answer to– out there on your’e own dime tempers flare fenders crush that is what the short track real racing is about. Sportsmanship can prevail when someone else is paying you to race but that doesn’t sell tickets. I agree with Rocket.

    1. Rocket

      Actually these fellas have some big time money behind them. This isn’t some short track in the middle of nowhere. This place has race teams roll up in big fancy NASCAR style rigs to the nines. Spare parts that make you drool. I’m talking big money here, not some guy with an open trailer in the street stocks, which those are almost a thing of the past as well. What I find more funny is that a lot of these teams are sponsored by the same companies. You’d be surprised. These guys spend huge money on their cars. Honestly there are companies and bussiness that cater straight to them. Remember we are in the land of stock car racing. Some of these guys work for some of the cup teams as well. Some of these guys are just drivers and don’t even own the cars. They are just the pedal man. Most do work on them but there are several guys who just drive. That goes all the way down to some of the lower levels as well. Racing at Bowman Gray Stadium is a lot different than other tracks. People want to bash what is going on, but honestly this has been going on forever. The news is used to it. The fans are very loyal to their drivers, more so than to their cup teams. It honestly is a way of life. If you ever get the chance to go and see a race you won’t be disappointed. For it is the best show for your money.

  8. Tyler Henderson

    Both of these Gentlemen should be ashamed of their behavior, from one racer to another, you guys make us all look bad. You should have more respect for your equipment and yourself than that.

  9. Redneck

    For those who don’t know Tim Brown driver of the 83 car has stepped out of the races for the rest of the season as a protest to all this crap that is going on. Both Tim and Burt were fined 100 points. There’s actually more to this story but like all media only show about half of what it really is.

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