Watch A WRC Rally Car Nearly Wipe Out A Group Of Kids Watching Inside A Picket Fence Pen

Watch A WRC Rally Car Nearly Wipe Out A Group Of Kids Watching Inside A Picket Fence Pen

It is a day of crazy videos, what can I say? This one comes from the WRC Poland stop that happened last weekend and it features our favorite group of humans on the top of the “Most Likely To Die In Horrifying Ways” list and those people are of course, European rally fans. The long and short of it is that this group of future rocket scientists decided to stand on the outside of a very fast corner in some little village somewhere in Poland. Worse than that, they decided to stand on the outside of the corner INSIDE ¬†fenced in area. Basically they placed themselves into what I would kindly refer to (if I were promoting it as a profit making venture) the “pen of death”. As shocked as you will be to hear this, the group of about 10 people, all of which appear to be kids (relatively speaking) are basically helpless when a WRC car that’s hauling tail over cooks the corner, and hurtles along the picket fence they are all standing behind. While the picket fence is way more robust than orange snow fencing, it has roughly the same stopping power with the bonus of sharp wood shards….but there are no shards because the car comes within the width of the Holy Spirit to touching the fence but it never does.

Everyone is all tee-hee and full of laughter when the car comes to rest and a couple of the kids hop the fence, but this would have been front page racing news around the globe if the rally car had actually come over the fence and clobbered these kids to death. What’s really interesting is watching the physical reaction of the kids as the whole thing happens. A couple of the kids assume the “crash position” with their hands over their heads and appear to be expecting the worst. One guy never even pulls his hands out of his pockets. Perhaps some liquid courage had aided his choice of viewing position.

All’s well that ends well as the old saying goes, but we’re hoping that the majority of BangShifters out there are at least smart enough to give themselves the option of running out of the way of danger in a case like this. These kids got away with one that we’re hoping no one else tries to get away with next year.

(The first clip on the video shows a slow speed roll over, stick with it for about :30 on to see the crazy stuff)



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