Would You Buy A Viper For Under $25,000? If The Answer Is Yes, You Actually Can!

Would You Buy A Viper For Under $25,000? If The Answer Is Yes, You Actually Can!

Maybe it is because I was 13 when they started making them or because the Dodge Viper is still a pretty big middle finger to every other exotic car in the world but I do really like them. I have ridden in a couple but never driven one. That being said, I would love to own one someday and I found myself on eBay recently cruising around and I got interested to see what the cheaper end of the Viper ownership scale looked like. As it turns out, it looks pretty amazing with seemingly solid cars for sale in the mid to low $20k range! That is not pocket change but it is certainly not as high as I expected. Yes, you’ll be looking at a later 1990s model for that money but that does not bug me!

1996 was a good year for the Viper. It was chosen as the Indy 500 pace car and it was the first year of the upgraded second generation cars. This one is a second generation car even though earlier 1996 model year production weren’t quite. Because this one has the center exit rear exhaust and not the side pipes that earlier models had. Also in 1996 the RT/10 model got aluminum suspension components a removable optional aluminum top and get this, a sliding glass window.

Along the way it looks like the only thing that has been wrecked in this car is the steering wheel and emergency brake handle. Those could be fixed easily enough. Sure it is “only” 450hp but these cars are pretty wicked and for less than $25k you could do a lot worse, right?

Check out the photos and then hit the link below to see the ad :

viper1 viper2 viper3 viper4 viper5


eBay Ad: This 1996 Viper can be yours for less than $25,000

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