SEMA 2017: The After Shock Low Talent Recovery Side By Side Is BangShifty And One Bad Mother!

SEMA 2017: The After Shock Low Talent Recovery Side By Side Is BangShifty And One Bad Mother!

Now this is BangShifty! When we were cruising the aisles of SEMA 2017, we did not expect to find a killer modified side by side that is designed to help those who don’t know when to say when get home. No, we’re not talking about people who are drinking, we’re talking about people who are out there and think that their UTV is unstoppable. The After Shock low talent recovery vehicle by is radical and fully functional. The wrecker stuff and killer utility body were all built from scratch and the UTV itself has been highly modified to make more horsepower and handle the needs of the rig.

You can see how dramatic the lift is on the unit and that dramatic lift necessitated the use of portal style hubs. Those hubs move the axle shaft up a bit to help geometry but they also provide awesome low gearing for your situations where this thing needs to get in and out of, usually with another UTV strapped to its back.

The boom is fully functional. It tilts, it telescopes, and it is very well built. The engine has been woken up with typical bolt on parts and a tune, and the After Shock has other features like on-board air that can be used on the trail and a whole lot more.

What started as a fun concept has ended up as one of the more interesting and cool vehicles in the entirety of SEMA. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the fact that it not only looks cool, but functions at a high level. It would be ultra-fun to hit the woods and hit the trails to go same some people in distress, right? It would be even more fun to out-wheel a full size truck and then give them a tow!

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