This 1981 GMC 4×4 Short Bed Speaks To Us. Low Mileage, 4×4, 6.2L Diesel, And More.

This 1981 GMC 4×4 Short Bed Speaks To Us. Low Mileage, 4×4, 6.2L Diesel, And More.

There is nothing wrong with a square body Chevy or GMC pickup truck. Nothing at all. Whether 2wd, 4×4, lifted, lowered, crew cab, standard cab, short bed, or long, they are all cool trucks. But some are more special than others, and this standard cab, short bed, GMC is one of them. With a 6.2L diesel, SM465 4-speed manual trans, wider steelies with hubcaps, and perfectly faded red paint, there really isn’t much to complain about on this cool truck. Oh, and did we mention that it only has 72,000 miles on it!

Check it out. We would so own this thing. Of course we’d have to do a couple things to it if we did own it, but we’re hot rodders, we can’t help it. A few interior tweaks, probably a Dana 60 up front, 14 bolt out back, locker in the rear at least, and a little bit of lift so we could fit 39.5 Swampers on it with cutout Bushwacker fender flares.

Check it out.

Here is the info from the seller.

Selling my rare 1981 GMC 1500 short bed pickup. Smog exempt. Clean title, current tags, odometer reads 72xxx miles. Runs and drives good. 6.2 Detroit Diesel with the better J-code intake manifold. 4 speed manual transmission. 4×4 works great. Interior is all original and could use some love. Factory 15×8 m1009 CUCV wheels with hubcaps and good tires. Asking $5500 Located in Upland, CA. Call (909) 214-8413

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6 thoughts on “This 1981 GMC 4×4 Short Bed Speaks To Us. Low Mileage, 4×4, 6.2L Diesel, And More.

  1. Greg Rourke

    There’s nothing wrong with “most” square bodies, but there is something wrong with this one. 6.2 diesel. Injector pumps every 50,000 miles, and they sound like a coffee can full of gravel.

    1. sbg

      Funny – I get at least 120k out of every one I’ve ever put on…. don’t know what you’re doing wrong.

  2. sbg

    I’m so torn by positive press about the 6.2s – they’re a remarkable engine, stone simple, and adequate as a pickup truck motor…. they got lots of bad press in the 5.7 era (no, it’s nothing like the 5.7 except the injection pump is almost interchangeable) which makes the cheap. Much like the highly-sought-after-4bt anchors, they were cool when they were $200 – $2000? not so much.
    So there’s the torn – they don’t deserve the bad press and I love the deals I get on them which (should the haters shut up) will go away when they find out that they’re a pretty reliable motor that gets amazing fuel economy and which really come into their own with a simple turbo….
    but I didn’t say that out loud – please continue hating on those things. please.

  3. Arild Guldbrandsen

    i have had only good 6,2 Diesels then..cause i have never changed injector pumps.Good engines that last forever,and cheap to run too.However,i wouldnt touch this shortbed in any way..its perfect as is..i would drive it everywhere…cheap that is 😉

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