This Bagged 1969 Suburban Is A Grandpa Perfect Survivor

This Bagged 1969 Suburban Is A Grandpa Perfect Survivor

We love Survivor vehicles. The ones that aren’t perfect, but who are mostly still original and have earned every ding, scratch, and bit of patina. They tell a story. They are the kind of vehicle you can walk around and ask yourself how each and every mark was earned. And earned is the right word, because they are like scars on us. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve looked at, or purchased, a vehicle and questioned how each and every hole in or around the dash came to be. Same with wear marks. We once had an old fleet truck that had funny wear marks on the bottom edge of the dash and two holes up in the middle of it directly above the wear marks. One day it hit me…The holes were for a CB radio microphone holder and the wear mark was from the coiled chord swinging back and forth and slowing wearing the paint. It became one of my favorite things about the truck and I wished I had installed a CB just to keep it going.

This bagged 1969 Suburban is that way. The chassis has been cleaned and rebuilt with air ride, but otherwise most of the truck is as delivered and we love it. There is plenty of information from the seller, and you can find it all below.

This thing is cool.

This started life as a pretty much rust free original paint 69 Chevrolet Suburban we took it apart and had the frame sand blasted installed new steering and suspension components installed a 5 lug conversion with brand new power disc brakes. Cleaned and painted the underside of the body installed a brand new gas tank and sending unit with new lines. We refurbished the engine and trans with new gaskets, new carb, new HEI distributor, done a complete tune up all new hoses and belts, brand new exhaust from front to back then paired it back with the frame and body. We installed an brand new windshield and gasket also new door rubbers. We had the seats reupholstered and installed new carpet from front to back it has all brand new 4 corner airride system and billet 20 inch wheels with brand new tires and factory style center caps this suburban is a real head turner that has plenty of room for the whole crew and all the luggage it runs and drive very well with its 350 engine and turbo 400 trans if you have any questions feel free to contact me at (336) 601-9016 or messenger I can help setup shipping for those that are to far to drive just message me for more info on that please click on the photos to bring up the other picks you can’t see I will be posting about 30 in this add but if you need more I can send whatever.

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6 thoughts on “This Bagged 1969 Suburban Is A Grandpa Perfect Survivor

  1. Bill Mesker

    All it would need for me is a Gear Vendors OD and cruise control and air con. Otherwise I’d leave it alone

  2. HotRodPop

    Again,a link would have been nice! I’m tellin’ ya, this is turnin’ into “Chad’s Flip And Strip”! DAPHNE!!!

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Top tip – when rebuilding a car, please make sure you have money put aside for a respray….

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