We Can’t Keep Our Eyes Off This Bagged 1964 C10. Perfect Stance, Epic Patina

We Can’t Keep Our Eyes Off This Bagged 1964 C10. Perfect Stance, Epic Patina

First Gen C10 trucks are getting to be more and more popular lately, and we have to admit that we’ve only started falling in love with them over the past few years. Normally the 1967-1972 C10 gets all the attention, but there isn’t anything wrong with the first gen either. This one has great patina, and the dents to go with it, but the bagged stance is really what sets it apart and really turns us on. That and the steelies that are only missing hubcaps. We’re suckers for hubcaps. The fact that this truck has the original 6 cylinder in it, and a 4-speed manual trans, is totally fine with us. Sure we’d do a V8 swap on it someday, but the truth is we’re more likely to throw and American Powertrain overdrive 5 or 6 speed behind the 6 cylinder before a V8 swap ever happened.

What do you think of this thing? Do you dig it as much as we do?

Here is the info from the seller:

Hello folks, selling my 1964 c10
Suspension was
Done by swicth suspension in Phoenix AZ. Cab is solid no rust.
Inline 6 with 4 speed trans running driving truck. Registration just paid pink on hand.

Located in west covina
Asking $9000 or best offer. Come with new parts and extras.

Lewis (626) 510-3550

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5 thoughts on “We Can’t Keep Our Eyes Off This Bagged 1964 C10. Perfect Stance, Epic Patina

  1. HotRodPop

    Tooled around in a long-bed back in the early ’80’s doin’ construction work, and LOVED that truck! 4-speed was actually a 3-speed, ’cause 1st gear was a granny, but that six in 1st would pull it out of anything we got it stuck in! Drop it in 1st, no accellerator, just slowly let out the clutch, and out it crawled! Awesome rig! One of Chevy’s finest creations! Never did get the “bagggin'” thing, tho. I’ve ridden in bagged vehicles, and, as a “fat kid”, they all shook my guts till I was almost sick! Couldn’t hardly see straight when I got out!

  2. Joe G.

    Those cabs are way smaller than you think they are, especially compared to anything modern. Yes, that truck is way cooler than a new one, but making it a DD is s commitment.

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Funnily enough I saw a similar truck only yesterday – even down to the air bags and black steel wheels. But this one had actually been painted in two tone cream and green. This rat rod look is well past its sell by date and it upsets me to see fine old cars and trucks treated with such disrespect just to keep up with an outdated trend.

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