Must Buy! This 1978 Jeep Cherokee Is Epic And Would Make A Killer Driver!

Must Buy! This 1978 Jeep Cherokee Is Epic And Would Make A Killer Driver!

The old Cherokee and Wagoneer models were awesome rigs, and arguably the pioneers of what we can Sport Utility Vehicles today. The Cherokee came after the Wagoneer and was the two door variation at first. Later models would grow to include four doors as the Wagoneer became the luxury, or high end, version of the two. The Cherokee for sale here, a 1978 model, could have come as a four door but this one is the two door that came with the optional flip out side windows. In fact, this is a pretty well optioned out Cherokee right here with AC and all the trimmings. I dig it. A lot, and would drive the snot out of it.

The seller says that the other white wagon wheel is included with the sale, and I think this thing would look epic with a serious wash inside and out, a tune up with some updates, and those same white wagon wheels with a set of all-terrains on them. Man this is a cool throwback machine. Someone out there buy it and tell us just how much fun it is. I think it’s a great deal at $2,500 but I bet it can be had for a couple hundred less.


Suoer solid west tx jeep. No title. Motor turns over but coil wires been chewed off. Be a nice one to clean up get on road leave like it is. Seats all good. Factory ac ps pb all hooked up. Have the other wagon wheel for it.

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4 thoughts on “Must Buy! This 1978 Jeep Cherokee Is Epic And Would Make A Killer Driver!

    1. Matt Cramer

      Wouldn’t be too much trouble in Georgia – I’ve registered older vehicles with just a bill of sale before. Other states might be a lot tougher to deal with. This one reminds me of the Hemi-swapped example that came out to Drag Week.

  1. Loren

    The trouble w/ the 2-door Cherokees, trying to compete with Blazers and Broncos and Scouts, is they used the same short little front doors as the Wag 4-door, making you always climb around that. What a cool old rig though. If I thought I was going to register it I’d only buy with some kind of deal with the seller to make it so.

    What I’d really like is to know is some of the stories it must hold.


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