This 1954 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup Has A Cummins 4BT Swap!

This 1954 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup Has A Cummins 4BT Swap!

The Cummins 6BT is one of the most legendary diesel engines to ever grace the engine compartment of a pickup truck. Whether you are a Dodge, Chevy, or Ford diesel guy, you have to be honest and say that the 6BT is the engine that started the diesel wars we have come to love amongst the Big Three. Well it’s little brother, the 4BT, is also kind of a bad ass. Just with two less cylinders. They were used in jillions of delivery vans, trucks, and postal vehicles of all kinds, and are the dream swap diesel in many ways because some came with a standard GM bell housing bolt pattern and can fit in almost anything.

Sure they make less power, but still plenty for most cruiser applications like this 1954 Chevy pickup. In most 1/2 ton trucks a 4BT is a GREAT engine, and we’d like to see even more swaps with them. Make no mistake, there are tons of Jeep and off-road guys running around on a 4BT power in lots of things that never came with them. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more!

We have to give it to the owner of this one, because this is a creative swap with a hot rod twist that really does it for us. Who would expect this thing to have a 4BT swap?


We love it, we know you do too, and here is all the info from the seller:

1954 Chevrolet 3100 AD truck. It is in very good shape. It has enamel paint from the 70s with good patina. No rotten panels or holes. Just surface rust/patina. The look I was after. It has a 4BT Cummins Diesel swap done. Motor is a fresh remanufacture from cummins as of 2011 shown on the data plate. Not a junk yard pull out or high mileage engine. It has roughly 1500 miles on it. It is all stock down to the P-Pump injection pump. Other than a 60mm turbo. Does not run hot even in stop and go traffic in 100 degree summer. Ive been stuck in line for hours at Lonestar roundup without issue. Transmission is a GM 700r4 with custom adapter plate to match it up. It is a 4 speed. Just put it in drive and go. Truck gets awesome fuel mileage. And will pour out some black smoke if you want it to. It has Side exit exhaust on passenger side. Lokar shifter, dynamat sound deadening material inside. In dash CD player with aux hookup. Window regulators work, and all windows have new gaskets and seals. Truck doesn’t see rain it sits in doors. Wood bed kit. Truck is lowered in stock suspension.

I can talk in detail about the truck over the phone. It has a lot more I don’t feel like writing out.

Not interested in trades. No low ball offers. Don’t need to sell.

Clear Title in my name in hand.

Text/call 254-913-3898

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