This 1984 Crew Cab Dually Was Owned By Raymond Beadle And The Blue Max Racing Team!

This 1984 Crew Cab Dually Was Owned By Raymond Beadle And The Blue Max Racing Team!

That’s right, this 1984 Chevrolet Crew Cab Dually, which has been meticulously refreshed in recent years, was owned by the Blue Max Racing Team Owner Raymond Beadle and even has the Blue Max Racing listed on the Title!!! Yeah, it gave us lumber reading about this thing. And we want it. How bad ass is this!

It has only one or two tiny flaws, and is near perfect. The engine is a replacement late model roller motor and is a crate engine from Chevrolet. The seller believes it to have only around 5000 miles on it, and most of the restoration, as it has been parked for the most part in recent years. Man this thing makes us drool! Check it out. There is more info below, along with a bunch of pictures.

If it was ours, the only thing we’d do is lower it and install a Gearvendors.

Oh and get a personalize plate that says XBLU MAX


Here is all the info from the seller:  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE AD AND CONTACT THE SELLER

1984 Chevy Dually . Has some neat history behind it. Truck was owned by Blue Max race team owner Raymond Beadle. This truck pulled Rusty Wallaces show car to sema in the late 80’s, also pulled the test car to the wind tunnel for testing. Blue Max team is still on the title. I was going to use it a shop truck but it’s actually too nice! Drove truck to c-10’s in the park 2016 did great 75 with a/c blowing cold the whole way. It has been restored over the last ten years or so. Nice paint job, couple of bubbles coming up in rocker but nothing major at all. Interior is mint ! Leds in the cluster. Everything new. Has a late model roller 454 crate engine not rebuilt or used, all stock under the hood, rebuilt turbo 400, new control arms upper and lower on the front. 6 brand new tires. Wheels are welds date coded 1986 still shine great. Flowmaster exhaust, has trailer brakes, new toolbox in the bed. Can get more pics upon request,only ones on my phone at this time.Great truck all around! Asking 15k or best offer, located in Lubbock Tx.

raymond-beadle-blue-max-dually-3 raymond-beadle-blue-max-dually-16 raymond-beadle-blue-max-dually-15 raymond-beadle-blue-max-dually-14 raymond-beadle-blue-max-dually-13 raymond-beadle-blue-max-dually-12 raymond-beadle-blue-max-dually-11 raymond-beadle-blue-max-dually-9 raymond-beadle-blue-max-dually-8 raymond-beadle-blue-max-dually-7 raymond-beadle-blue-max-dually-6 raymond-beadle-blue-max-dually-5 raymond-beadle-blue-max-dually-4

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