It’s The Van Man!!! This 1972 Econoline Could Be Greatness

It’s The Van Man!!! This 1972 Econoline Could Be Greatness

Okay, I just realized that while I am a tried and true Chevrolet fan, there is something about a Ford Econoline van like this one that just speaks to me. This era and earlier, are super cool and especially window vans like this one. We’ve had several friends who are hard core van fans and who have awesome collections of camper and window vans of all kinds. We don’t have a van in the BANGshift or Reynolds family fleet, but I surely want one.

Here is all the info from the seller: Kendra (909) 870-6822

I’m selling my 1972 Ford Ecoline van. The tires and brakes are brand new, but there is currently a minor issue with the timing. The interior shows it’s age, but the seats are in good condition. Price is negotiable.

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5 thoughts on “It’s The Van Man!!! This 1972 Econoline Could Be Greatness

  1. Loren

    Noted that the seller included no pics of the front of what is maybe the ugliest-faced van ever made, lol.

    In the early seventies we took a train from L.A. to Chicago where Dad bought nearly that exact van (used) except blue six-cyl/manual. Windows! None of that panel-sided thing for us, Mom wanted to be able to see out. We drove for two weeks, up to Montreal then down the coast, NYC, Florida keys, everywhere…then sold it on a used-car row in New Orleans to fly home. Saw the northern lights, was in D.C. when Nixon resigned. I thought I was going to die from food poisoning laying on a moving blanket on the metal back floor of that thing while we drove on, I missed the entire state of New Hampshire except for feeling every bump. I swear that day of agony is what I thought of when I saw this ad so mixed-feelings and all that.

    Dad liked that ugly van so much he bought a new ’74 to travel in not long after we got back, except short wheelbase 302/auto…one of the last blunt-noses on the dealer lots as the prettier new style came in which he hated. I always say, that van has been from Fairbanks AK to the Panama Canal and it’s the truth. 240K miles; one shortblock, two sets of heads, a half-dozen C4s. I still have it anyhow, I think 3 other houses in this neighborhood have an old that-era Econoline sitting in their back yard probably with stories of their own so maybe that’s a thing.

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Just you keep away from it Chad – we don’t want no steenkin’ LS anywhere near it! I’d swap a in modern Ford turbo diesel and paint the body to match the great Willment Ford Galaxies that dominated British sedan racing in the 1960s. Put more modern suspension and brakes in it, turn it into a camper and then tour the Classic races to see those giant Galaxies and even Thunderbolts smash the opposition

  3. RK

    Drove one of these through the Black Hills of Dakota (and saw Mount Rushmore of course). Gave the steering box and that big wheel a workout in those hairpins. My old man drove it from Florida to Belize and to Ontario and Saskatchewan several times. I sure would like a fully restored one of these. Windows, passenger seats, the lot

  4. Piston Pete

    I had one similar in the mid-eighties. Drove the kids around in it while still in car seats. When I paid $800 for it, it ran great and worked fine. Over the next couple of years every system wore out to the point that I couldn’t let my wife drive it. I was able to drive it the 5 miles to work for a while but there was a definite process to it. Finally had to take it off the road, at the time it didn’t seem worth fixing and that’s when it achieved it’s destiny. I Sold it to a friend for $300 and he loaded it full of Harley parts and shipped it to Germany. We still laugh about it but to this day he swears I screwed him. He still made enough off the deal to build a sweet FXR using a new factory 80″ Evo and 5 speed. NEWS FLASH; The FAstro Van project is back on track and installation of the hot rod 4.3 should start next week. YES !!

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