If We Get Nuked This Volvo 6×6 Could Be An Awesome Bug Out Survival Vehicle

If We Get Nuked This Volvo 6×6 Could Be An Awesome Bug Out Survival Vehicle

Lets face it, with all the natural disasters, North Korea, zombies, and terrorists trying to take over the world it might be time to start thinking about a bug out survival vehicle of some kind. A 6×6 military rig is clearly bad ass, and can go most anywhere, but they are so huge that they can also be hard to conceal. And if the point is to survive, then part of that survival is going to depend on the ability to get somewhere safe and hang out there without everyone knowing. Which brings me to this cool Volvo 6×6 that I found on Craigslist. It’s awesome!

I know what you are thinking, it looks huge! But the truth is it only has 37 inch tall tires on it. Now that you know the scale, it isn’t that big. But it is still big enough to haul what you need, who you need, and get you most places you care to be in North Korea’s psychotic ruler decides the west coast should be vaporized.

We’re especially in love with the portal axles, divorced T-Case, leaf and link suspension, etc.

The seller has had this thing for 10 years, and has done all kinds of maintenance and upgrades so that it is dependable. We’d finish some of the fabrication on it, add some customization of our own, and call it bad ass. It has no miles on it, so we assume it has lots of life left. But we’d of course check out the venerable Volvo gas engine and decide if it needed a swap of some kind instead. If it did, we’d go old school simple with a carb and magneto on a small or big block with little to no compression so it would run on anything. Or, we’d go totally mechanical diesel for all the same reasons.

What do you think?

Is there are vehicle you think would make a better bug out survival vehicle? Let us know what it is! CLICK THIS LINK TO EMAIL ME

Here is all the info from the seller:

I have had this Volvo for about 10 years now and it’s time for me move on and concentrate on other projects. This Volvo was originally imported by Extreme Vehicles in Colorado and then went to Sacramento. I bought it in 2007. See details below:

– Updated Alum-Zink body by the Swedish Military in the ’90s
– Current California Registration
– Smog Exempt
– New Clutch
– New Batteries
– Electric Fan
– 22 gallon fuel cell (39g total)
– 9500lb Winch Front and Back (not wired)
– Custom Bumpers
– High water air intake
– Roof Hatch
– 24 volt
– Alternator is intermittent.
– B30 6 Cylinder gas motor
– 37″ Tires w/ 75% tread left
– 2 new matching spare tires and wheels
– Mileage is 35326 km
– Price is $25000 Firm

And don’t forget about……. Zombie Apocalypse!

Thank you,
(949) 395-7753

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  1. john

    Do you think Rock Auto has replacement parts for this rig? Go to GovPlanet.com and buy something there…parts available.

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