Want A Square Body Chevy Like We Do? Want It To Sit Nice, Ride, And Handle Nice Without Breaking The Bank? Here’s How.

Want A Square Body Chevy Like We Do? Want It To Sit Nice, Ride, And Handle Nice Without Breaking The Bank? Here’s How.

We recently had to replace the $200 Hauler with a new Suburban since someone decided to crash into it. Unfortunately/Fortunately? The new one is really really clean and nice. That means that we can’t haul parts around in the new one. So while we are in the process of giving the new one a name, and already working on all kinds of mods for it, we are also thinking that a beater truck is a necessity for parts hauling and dyno shop runs. And since we are who we are, the thought of a square body Chevy keeps rolling around in our heads. They are getting more and more popular of course, and while we’d like ours to sit low and be cool, we don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune to make it look nice when the ride will still suck most likely. And that’s where the Ridetech StreetGRIP system comes in.

Ridetech has come up with a complete line of StreetGRIP Systems for a variety of muscle cars, but we’re talking trucks here and the natural progression after debuting their 1967-1972 C10 Kit was to move onto the venerable 1973-1987 C10. And here it is. This kit is super complete, and includes drop spindles, coils, composite leaf springs, and all the bushings, shocks, and sway bar you need to make your C10 looks awesome, ride really nice, and handle like, or better than, a new truck. Sounds like a win to us. Oh, and it’s all bolt in with stuff you have in the garage. And it’s cheap compared to an entire tubular double throw down suspension system that isn’t necessarily what you want for your truck.

Here is the info from Ridetech, along with photos from a recent install they did to show you how it’s done on your ride.

Ridetech Street Grip 2 Ridetech Street Grip 3

Press Release copy:

With the values of 67-72 GM C/K pickups on the rise, some enthusiasts are turning to GM’s 3rd generation or “Square-Body” pickups.  In production for 15 years, “Square Body” pickups are more plentiful than prior generations.  The stylish body style also lends itself nicely to customization.
Today’s “Square-Body” owner wants to enjoy driving their truck as much as they enjoy driving their new Camaro. You want ride quality. You want handling performance. You DO NOT want to spend weeks or thousands of dollars to accomplish this objective.

RideTech feels the same way! That is why the StreetGRIP suspension system was created!  Now available for the squarebody GM pickups, RideTech’s new StreetGRIP system offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to install – direct replacement for factory suspension – no cutting, welding or other chassis modifications. One Box… One Solution!
  • RADICAL improvement to ride quality and handling performance.
  • Aggressive real-world lowered stance.
  • Application-calibrated RideTech HQ Series Mono-Tube shock absorbers with forged bodies and rebound adjustment. 1,000,001 mile warranty!
  • Application-specific coil springs and composite leaf springs offer the best of both worlds…ride quality and crisp handling.
  • Delrin self-lubricating control arm and leaf spring bushings eliminate unwanted movement and stiction in suspension.
  • Larger swaybar minimizes unwanted body roll through the corners.
  • Drop spindles offer a 2.5″ drop for that perfect stance without sacrificing suspension travel.


Ridetech Street Grip 4 Ridetech Street Grip 6 Ridetech Street Grip 5

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  1. 3rd Generation

    $ 2,950.00 for THIS.

    Go Ahead, put $ 2,950 into your $4,000 pickup.

    I DARE you.

    This company is F*cking crazy with their pricing.

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