Use Your Truck As A Truck! Holley Classic Trucks Heavy Duty Bed Mats For GM C10 and Dodge D100 Short Bed Trucks

Use Your Truck As A Truck! Holley Classic Trucks Heavy Duty Bed Mats For GM C10 and Dodge D100 Short Bed Trucks

While we all love classic trucks, whether they are a show truck or a beater at the Home Depot, or just something cruising down the highway, we really love seeing them doing truck things. I know most folks aren’t going to take their 1973 Short Bed Chevy and throw a yard of gravel in the back of it on Saturdays, but it’s cool to see them hauling stuff at some level. I’m more of a utilitarian bed guy, who either wants a spray in liner in my nicely painted truck, or who wants to just keep the patina so I don’t feel bad about sliding something in the bed of the truck. But what if you want the nice painted bed look AND you want to be able to set an engine in it on a stand? Or go pickup your freshened transmission?

There are a million things you might haul around in the bed of your nice truck that aren’t going to abuse it but that still might scratch it up, or slide around. That’s where these awesome bed mats come in. If you put one of these in your truck bed stuff stays put and doesn’t scratch up or dent the bed. It’s a win, win. And if you want to pull it out for show weekends so the bed looks all pretty underneath, you can.

Here is all the info from Holley.

Do you own a classic truck that is show ready with a slick painted bed or maybe use it as a workhorse? In both cases, you want to protect your bed floor from unsightly scratches and scuffs. Now you can throw that cooler, chairs, or bag of tools in the back and not worry about hurting your bed floor with the Holley Classic Trucks Heavy Duty Bed Mats!
Made right here in the USA with a high-strength cord enhanced rubber compound, the Holley Classic Trucks Bed mats will not crack or break in extreme temperatures. They are custom-designed to each application for a perfect fit and do not require trimming for an easy, worry-free installation. They also feature bumps on the bottom to allow for proper water drainage and airflow to keep your bed floor dry and looking new. Get your Holley Classic Trucks Heavy Duty Bed mat today and start protecting your pride and joy!

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