Checkout Bryce Menzies BAJA 1000 Highlight Reel!

Checkout Bryce Menzies BAJA 1000 Highlight Reel!

If you like off-road racing, then you have to love the BAJA 1000. This year’s race was bigger and badder than every before as the popularity and depth of the field just continue to grow. Someday I’ll make the trek to drive and not just watch, but until then we’ll enjoy the hell out of being spectators. Thanks to racers like Bryce Menzies, and the awesome live streaming that comes from SCORE themselves, you can see more of the BAJA 1000 now than any other time in history.

Watch this cool video from Bryce Menzies team. If you don’t want to drive a Trophy Truck after watching this then you don’t have a racing bone in your body.

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