BangShift PSA: Don’t Catch A Bumper To The Face When Off-Roading – Be Smarter Than This

BangShift PSA: Don’t Catch A Bumper To The Face When Off-Roading – Be Smarter Than This

We know that loads of you have free-time on your hands these days and that time can be filled doing lots of different stuff. Those of you with off-road vehicles have likely or will soon likely find yourself off in the woods having some fun with your buddies. That fun might result in you getting stuck (all the good fun does, right?) and when that happens PLEASE BE SMARTER THAN THE GUYS IN THIS VIDEO. That’s a double demand when it comes to being smarter by the guy who catches a bumper in the body during this operation of getting truck unstuck.

Winch cables, snatch straps, (God forbid) chains, or whatever method you are using to un-stuck a rig all have more energy stored in them than you can imagine and when they fail, disaster is at your doorstep.

The guy that gets hurt is legit doing everything wrong. He is not paying attention, he is way too close, he has no clue what’s happening around him and then WHAMO the guy catches a freaking bumper with his body. You see the dude in kind of a crumpled pile on the ground. He’s jacked up pretty good.

Normally we don’t show stuff with people overtly getting hurt but this is a lesson. When you are out having fun, there’s still risk that you could be in a situation like this. Please keep your head about you and if you see someone about to do something dumb stop them. Winter sucks bad enough when you aren’t spitting out teeth or having to get bones mended, right?

Hit play below to see a guy catch a bumper to the body while off-roading –

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