The Greatest Tuff-Truck Video Of All Time: Packed House, Lunatic Racers, Carnage For Days!

The Greatest Tuff-Truck Video Of All Time: Packed House, Lunatic Racers, Carnage For Days!

Tuff-Truck competitions have been around for a long, long time. They are a staple of many off-road shows, they happen at state fairs, and generally speaking, they are the four wheel drive world’s version of a demolition derby. It’s a timed competition around an obstacle course that normally has some jumps, some mud, and some portions designed to challenge not only the strength of the machine but the guts of the driver. Well, we have found the greatest example of all that happening at the same time we have ever laid eyes on. This is 100% BangShift approved craziness!

This video was made in Washington State and we’re not sure what’s in the water up there but whoever designed and built this course knew that he had a heck of a talent lineup because they all deliver. We mean they ALL deliver. Jumps, smashes, failing axles, failing transmissions, airbags going off, and rolls are all a part of this non-stop look at the mechanical fury that is tuff truck.

Honestly a lot of the courses don’t reach “full send” levels but this one does in spades. Hell, there are guys who do not make it past the first obstacle before the front end is taco smashed and tires are blown.

The other kind of fun thing to do while watching this automotive blood sport is seeing how different models stack up. Much like BMW E36 sedans in 24 Hours of Lemons racing, it seems that the Jeep Grand Cherokee from the 1990s is the move when attacking this type of event. Even the ones on stock suspension with oversized tires handle their business (when staying off of their roofs).

Truly, utterly, and awesomely nuts. That’s what this is.

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