Watch The Largest Ford Dually In The World Take on Two Mega Trucks In A Tug Of War

Watch The Largest Ford Dually In The World Take on Two Mega Trucks In A Tug Of War

Ok, now this is pretty amazing. You are going to watch the largest Ford dually in the world take on two mega trucks in a tug of war and we’re not going to give away how this whole thing plays out. While most tug-of war videos that involve trucks are not all that compelling to us, this one is different simply because of how massive the rig is and how ridiculous it is to see a pair of massive trucks working against one the size of the dually. On top of that we have to wonder how much the custom wheels cost on that big Ford because we’re not 100% sure but we do not believe that those came off of someone’s freaking shelf…right?

Hell, we don’t even known how you get in or out of that thing as the coil over shocks are not going to let the truck “kneel”. We’re guessing you use the tires as ladders and kind of get in that way. The other impressive thing about this truck is the fact that there are videos of it slogging through the mud and doing actual truck stuff as well, not just tug-of-war events or show stuff. As bizarre and crazy as this thing looks, it does work. We can only guess what it weighs. Think it is fair to say that there’s at least 10,000lbs of tires on it to start with? Take the weight of the truck itself and the huge axles and all and there’s gotta be close to 20,000lbs sitting there. Investment? What did this cost to build? A Brinks truck full of dough, that’s what it cost.

So here you go. The world’s biggest Ford Dually, packing Power Stroke torque vs a diesel GM truck and what sounds to be a gas powered Mopar. Hang on boys and girls! Hang on tight!

Press play below to see this monster Ford dually take on two mega-trucks!

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