Morning Symphony: Small-Blocks Screaming For A Full Pull On The Dirt

Morning Symphony: Small-Blocks Screaming For A Full Pull On The Dirt

When you think of sled pulls, certain images come to mind: tractors blasting near-volcanic levels of soot and ash out of a smokestack as a diesel engine gets boosted to the moon, old Cummins-powered Rams and Duramax-powered GM trucks digging in deep with all four tires clawing away, and of course the center ring attraction, the unlimited tractors with the multiple engines, or the turbines, or the radials, or whatever powerplant is providing unreal amounts of power to the cause. But then you have trucks like these, and there is no less of a show going on. These are 6,200-pound small block 4×4 pull trucks that run in the Dragon Motorsports Power Pulling League. They have to run a factory small block that has a maximum cubic displacement of 440ci. They can’t run LS engines, or Ford’s Mod motors, or Hemis of any kind. No NASCAR heads, no Kaase, Yates, Indy or trick valve-angle heads involved…they must have a factory valve angle, can’t run raised runners and must accept an intake available to the public wearing a 4500 or 4150-style carb. No fuel injection, no dry-sump systems, and for the last time, Chrysler guys, no Hemis.

With steel bodies (minus hoods and tailgates), stock wheelbases, and safety equipment in check, the only real difference between a puller truck in this category and what someone probably drove to the event in would be the weights on the front of the trucks. If you can make it to 320 feet while dragging the sled along in a one-ton or lighter truck, you’re doing just fine. A lot of the rigs that are hooking up look purpose built for the job, but let’s be real: the day we see one of these guys hook while wearing license plates, then drive home with the trophy in the seat afterwards, we’ll be the biggest fans ever!

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