Route 66 In A Forgotten Big Block Square Body – Day 2 With Lots Of Breakdowns

Route 66 In A Forgotten Big Block Square Body – Day 2 With Lots Of Breakdowns

The latest update on the C20 road trip has this poor truck being pushed to its limits because sitting for decades has taken its toll. That means this is one of those painful breakdown parts of the road trip, but who better to handle it than Derek? Check it out, and if you missed any of the previous videos then use the link below.

We told you that this one would be exciting, and taking an old forgotten C20 on a road trip across Route 66 sure does qualify. This is a killer route that has some super fun parts to it, and from personal experience, we can attest that it is always better when explored behind the wheel of something cool and old.

Derek is a squarebody Chevrolet truck fan and he’s brought a lot of them back to life, but this one right here is special. It’s a Silverado C20 and it’s an original big block truck. He found it, is going to rescue it, and has some big plans for driving it quite a long way. I won’t go into the details, because this video here will explain a lot, but rest assured that if you are a fan of the Vice Grip Garage channel you are going to want to watch this one. If you have never watched any of his videos before, then welcome to the club. This one is good.


Video Description:

200 miles with a slipping transmission? Sure – why not. Nope, bad idea. We’ll be doing daily repairs towards a restoration with this 1978 c20!

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