What It Takes To Make Ultra Bad Ass Recovery Ropes. These Are More Than A Tow Strap. Yankum Rope

What It Takes To Make Ultra Bad Ass Recovery Ropes. These Are More Than A Tow Strap. Yankum Rope

If you’ve ever owned a “tow strap” that has the metal hooks on the ends, and have tried to use it to get a stuck vehicle out of the sand or mud you have either found yourself at a severe disadvantage, or you have seen a strap fail when you gave it a good yank. Real recovery, or snatch straps, which can come in flat webbing that looks like a tow strap, or round style that looks like a rope, are designed to stretch significantly upon receiving a shock load which will then help pull even harder to recover a vehicle. And the best part is that they do all this while putting WAY less strain on the vehicle doing the pulling and the vehicle being pulled.

There is no big bang or shock load when the slack runs out like there would be with a chain or a tow strap that isn’t designed to stretch. I’ve owned multiple statch straps over the years and have found them to be a game changer when out wheeling.

The recovery ropes that Matt’s Off-Road Recovery uses in Utah are Yankum Ropes and these suckers are bad asses. So when we saw this cool video on how they were made we figured we had to share it. Check them out, and if you decide you need one for your rig, tell them you saw it on BANGshift.com! We aren’t affiliated with them at all, and have no idea if they even know who we are, but we’d sure like them to know!

Video Description:

A lot of care goes into each Yankum Rope, let’s jump into how we make a Matt’s Recovery Rope for Matt’s Offroad Recovery. Each step is painstakingly watched and monitored for the highest quality on the market, and It all starts with selecting the best nylon fiber available. ✅ https://yankum.com/ After we select the Nylon fiber, we turn it into Yarn. After we make the yarn then we start our braiding process. Once the braiding is complete, this is where each sling is hand made. We inspect the line, cut it into shorter lengths and then we can start making the sling. Every sling is rechecked for bulges, snags, or any other blemish. After the sling is made we then start the dipping process, every rope is dipped with coating specifically that is designed to ensure durability and longevity. Every rope is checked again for any blemishes and is then tagged boxed and shipped directly to you. Click here to learn more https://yankum.com/


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