Wheelstands On The Street Pulling A Trailer!?! Yeah, It’s A Wilkey Thing…

Wheelstands On The Street Pulling A Trailer!?! Yeah, It’s A Wilkey Thing…

We’re fans of doing funny stuff with a trailer behind you. Like trailer burnouts on Rocky Mountain Race Week or Drag Week. After all, who doesn’t like seeing burnouts on the street, and they are only funnier when the car doing them has a little trailer along for the ride. On RMRW this year we questioned whether the little bit of added weight on the back of the Camaro, because of the tongue weight of the trailer, would be enough to get it to pull the front wheels off the ground. Sadly, we never got the chance to really try it. Next year, next year.

But when we saw Blake Wilkey do a wheelstand in his famed Baja Bug, while pulling a trailer that has a bad ass little Shreddy boat on it, we knew it was the video for us today. You can’t help but like the spirit behind this group of people because they always seem to be having fun and are always doing stuff that will make you smile, laugh, or cringe. Or maybe all three!

The video shows plenty of action with the bug, with the trailer in tow, but the real star is this bad ass little boat. It looks a lot like a Jet Sprint boat but a little less race. It sounds like it has to be turbocharged, looks to haul some serious ass, and it is bulletproof so you can run it up and over sand bars or anything else you want in the pursuit of famed Wilkey airtime.

We dig it.


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