Gearhead Americana: Men, Women, Mechanics, Machines of Speed, and Machines of War

Gearhead Americana: Men, Women, Mechanics, Machines of Speed, and Machines of War

(All photos from Library of Congress Digital Archive) – So my romp through the seemingly endless photo archive at the Library of Congress website continues. This week I decided to hone in on some specific things. I was trying to keep things WWII era (and pretty much did). I was trying to find some cool photos of mechanics working in different situations (which I did). I was trying to get some cool photos of the machines of WWII as well as some trucks and equipment of the same era (fist pump, nailed it). I really like searching and combing through the site because whatever search term you can dream up, chances are that you’ll find a photo and if you don’t find what you are looking for you may be surprised and find something even neater than that.

To me the scenes of guys servicing airplanes at night and lying with their feet stuck out from under tanks as they wrenched below are iconic. When you get to the photo of the Americans cruising down the The Avenue des ChampsÉlysées in Paris on tanks and half tracks stop for a second and consider the scene when that image was taken. Consider what that moment had to have been like for the people who had been living under Nazi rule and probably had no hope for the future in the months and years previous.

I think this is a pretty BangShift batch of photos this week. Scroll down and check them out. Let me know what you think!


B26 bomber construction crank start dump truck female mechanic half tracks harley kid fix lathe mecanic pits mechanic mechanic2 mechanic3 river fording rubber track sherman grant tank engine tank fix technician tractor fix

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