Here’s One From The What Were You Thinking Files: A Honda Civic Trar!

Here’s One From The What Were You Thinking Files: A Honda Civic Trar!

Some say that necessity is the mother of invention, and that certainly proves to be true. At some point in human history, people needed to create motorized vehicles that could bring goods in bulk from location to location that the common man could purchase, and eventually, pickup trucks were born. With that said, sometimes enterprising individuals will take matters into their own hands and create something else entirely. It may have the same idea of an existing commodity, but they may bring a touch of personality, or in this case, mind altering drugs, to the equation. BangShift Readers, I present to you: The Honda Civic 4-door sedan TRAR.


Here it is! What a beauty, isn’t it? Basically, some guy took a clapped-out mid 1990’s Civic sedan, went to their local Home Depot, bought a Sawzall and A LOT of sheet metal and diamond plate, and riveted this Frankenstein together. Dig the extended body that takes over after the rear wheels for added cargo space. My guess is the guy needed a truck, cobbled together this thing, realized it was all a terrible idea, and bought that Dakota sitting in the driveway.


Inside, a veneer of dirt and debris cover the gray mouse fur interior, but there’s an honest-to-goodness 5-speed shifter poking out from the depths of Hell. The seller indicates that it runs well. That’s fantastic.


Out back in the cargo area, there’s some more diamond plate for added toughness, and the bed either looks like storm grating from a local municipality’s sidewalk or the underside of a griddle pan. At least it has a sliding rear window, although, it may be compromised by the shelf rack roof supports and rebar that hold the car together.


Here’s a look at the sides of the bed. I have no idea what the bed sides are made of or how they are attached, but that tailgate might be held up with some bailing wire if your lucky. Cargo capacity is about 3 small plastic totes-worth of space. I like the integrated drip rail over the window; it’s a nice touch.


Here’s the back of this wonderful vehicle. Did I say bailing wire held up the tailgate? WRONG! It’s actually some string cord, which is far more cost effective. Speaking of the tail gate, I have no idea how it works. It looks like there’s two pieces: one on the top and one on the bottom, and the top seems to be fitted with some door hinges. The State of Ohio let this guy drive it around on public roads, so that’s something. And I’m not sure if the man next to the vehicle is the owner or builder, but he seems either sad that his creation is up for sale, or ashamed to be in the picture. I’m honestly not sure what to think.

Here’s the best part: This baby can be yours for only $800! If you can knock a few hundred off, a future in crapcan racing events could await, where creations like this are honored. Otherwise, you can consider purchasing this death trap…  I mean…. useful vehicle for your own adventures.

Here’s the ad, in case one of you crazies are interested:

And the ad’s text:

body is good runs great …its a five speed needs 800.00 or best offer runs like a dream clutch is strong motor runs great

I’ll step aside and let you guys do your thing below.

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3 thoughts on “Here’s One From The What Were You Thinking Files: A Honda Civic Trar!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    The scrap metal in the bed in the leader photo is worth ten times what this sad hunka shit is! No wonder the guy looks so ashamed of himself – he went to the garage and set fire to himself shortly after the photos were taken….

  2. Matt Cramer

    That’s fairly near Honda’s factory in Ohio… what we may have here, folks, is an early Ridgeline prototype that escaped the crusher!

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