The Largest Truck In The World Circa 1932 Wasn’t That Big But It Sure Was Slow

The Largest Truck In The World Circa 1932 Wasn’t That Big But It Sure Was Slow

When we think of the largest truck in the world in modern terms some massive mining dump truck or other rig comes to mind, right? Well back in 1932 we’re not sure what the official measuring method was for the largest truck in the world but the Scammel company in England claimed that they had it. We’re not here to dispute their claims but rather show off this video that depicted the truck in action circa 1932. The rig was dragging a massive ship rudder back to the dry dock so it could be reinstalled and it was a couple hundred miles trip with apparently was made at about a walking pace. The pace of the truck is one thing but the steering is totally another.

Note that the cab looks like a small cabin on wheels and while that kind of cracked us up it was when we got the rear shot of the truck that we were really impressed. Why? Note the manual rear steering arrangement at the back of the trailer! There’s a guy out in the open with a huge wheel like the size of one you’d see on a sailing ship responsible for crabbing the trailer around tight corners. He’s basically the tiller man but instead of power steering he has the slowest ratio manual steering in the history of the world.

We also dig the sign at the rear of the truck, “You are behind the world’s largest lorry, please drive with caution.” We wonder how well that worked for them. People don’t seem to heed those types of warnings today.

Press play below to see this cool video featuring some 1930s heavy haulage –

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