Money No Object: This 1999 MCI “Executive Coach” Would Be The Ultimate BangShift Mobile Command Center!

Money No Object: This 1999 MCI “Executive Coach” Would Be The Ultimate BangShift Mobile Command Center!

The BangShift Mobile Command Center. It’s an idea that just won’t die, even if the likelihood of it happening is right up there with Buford T. Justice ending up on hydraulics and Daytons. From our perspective, it eliminates two big issues we deal with throughout the “on” season: we ditch the hassle of airports and hotels. Additionally, it becomes a mobile hot spot, a perch for livestreaming, and we have the ability to go where we want when we want. Did I mention no more random, crime scene-looking hotels? Yeah, that’s certainly a bonus! Honestly, for three guys and their gear, the only acceptable solution is either a large recreational vehicle or bus, and today’s find has the room, and the luxury, that we deserve without going straight to a home with license plates.


What you are looking at, exactly, is a 1999 Motor Coach Industries 102EL3 Executive Coach. It’s powered by a Detroit Diesel Series 60, a 12.7L inline-six powerhouse that connects up to a six-speed Allison B500 automatic. That’s pretty much all anyone needs to know about this all-black monster in regards to the running gear. Inside is where attention should be focused.

mci 6Holy mother, that is a lot of furniture. Large leather couches, single-passenger seats that look like they were designed for 500-pound humans, work tables and wood floors make up the floorplan of the MCI. Honestly, most of those single-seat chairs could be auctioned off or straight up sold. Well, most could….one or two of those suckers might end up somewhere in my house. In their place should be some kind of bed system, because sooner or later snoring will need to happen.

mci4We can also kiss rank truck-stop food goodbye, as well! Microwave, sink, food storage…yes, sir, we will be living the high life with our own microwave burritos and ramen noodle cups! We aren’t completely certain if there is a fridge in there or not, and we don’t know about any other amenities, such as a restroom. Not that we’d miss having one. If anything, not having one would be a good excuse to pull over, stretch our legs out and enjoy the scenery. That, and there won’t be the inevitable war that occurs when somebody blows the bathroom up.

mci3At least there will be entertainment for when we aren’t doing work…but if my eyes don’t deceive me, is that a DVD/VHS unit up top? What VHS tape would we ever play on that? Y’know what…don’t answer that. Ever. In fact, that whole deal can be ripped out and replaced with some kind of internet-streaming entertainment service.

All in all, it’s cheaper than one of those huge Class A motorhomes, it’s a lot more functional, and the all black paint job would lend itself to BangShift lettering…or not, and we enjoy the idea of being confused as a government contracted special coach. That’s all good with us, because we will be soaking up those leather seats in air-conditioned comfort on the inside. Now, if we could just finance the damn thing, we’d be all set!

eBay Link: 1999 Motor Coach Industries 102EL3 

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