Video: Put A 5 or 6 Speed Stick In Your GMT400 1988-1998 GM Truck NOW With An American Powertrain Kit

Video: Put A 5 or 6 Speed Stick In Your GMT400 1988-1998 GM Truck NOW With An American Powertrain Kit

We know that the 1988-1998 GM truck market is set to explode pretty quick. In fact, we’re all watching it happen real time on the internet. The trucks that are kind cheap now are going to be climbing in value in a hurry so you need to get in on this. Solidly built, rugged, and easy to modify, the rigs have a lot going for them. One thing that’s crummy is that very, very few of them came with a clutch pedal and appropriate manual transmission goodness. American Powertrain has that fixed with their new kit for GMT400 1988-1998 GM trucks.

Instead of some bazillion mile four speed automatic, you can have a five or six speed stick in your rig that will make it more fun to drive, more fuel efficient, and far faster as well, even if you are sticking with a stock engine. As is the case in all of their well-engineered kits, the American Powertrain system is not just a transmission and a wish of good luck. Nope, this is the transmission, the hardware you need to mount it, a bell housing, clutch pedal, HydraMax throwout bearing, transmission mount, even the driveshaft is part of the program!

These guys do their homework, they refine their designs and they provide you a product that is going to fit and make your vehicle better to operate. That’s the bottom line and that’s why they are the largest mover and shaker of Tremec transmissions in the high performance aftermarket.

Whether you want a slick shifting five speed or a bomb proof six speed they have you covered. Big blocks, small blocks, they have your options ready. This is a great kit and a great nod to an emerging market in the world of hot rodding that’s catching fire quick.

Press play below to check out the American Powertrain kit for 88-98 GMs!

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