Ride On The Belly Of A Massive C5 Galaxy As It Comes In For A Landing – Wild View!

Ride On The Belly Of A Massive C5 Galaxy As It Comes In For A Landing – Wild View!

I’m certainly not a pilot but I am verging on the professional passenger status so I’ll tell you first hand that any landing you walk away from is a good landing. right? We have all been on those flights where the plane seems to come down in chunks and you wail the ground so hard you are surprised that the whole rig hasn’t collapsed around you. Those are bad and those are the ones where the old lady next to you has buried her fingernails into your arm or something else if you aren’t careful. This is not one of those landings. This is the equivalent to falling into a bed of pillows in a zero gravity environment.

The C5 Galaxy is the biggest cargo plane that the US has and with 28 humongous tires and wheels as part of the landing gear, you can start to understand what kinds of immense weight we’re talking about. This pilot lands this thing so softly it is stunning and the way we know that is through the unique camera angle (under the belly of the plane) that we see the actual landing from. The tires kiss the ground, whiff off some smoke and then that’s pretty much it. Listen to the pilot and co-pilot work the throttles and keep the thing on its landing path as they get closer and closer to the ground.

This is an amazing beast of a machine and this is one highly skilled flight crew. Awesome video!


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