The American Powertrain Monday Shift: A Big Rig Trans In A Pickup – This One Is A Total Freak And Sounds GREAT!

The American Powertrain Monday Shift: A Big Rig Trans In A Pickup – This One Is A Total Freak And Sounds GREAT!

A week or two ago we showed you video of a guy in an older Dodge truck jamming gears with a stick attached to a Fuller 10-speed box. This week we’re back with another swapped rig but this one really kicks ‘er up a notch being that the engine is a 24-valve Cummins inline six and the transmission is a Fuller 13-speed with the whole package being wrapped in a square Chevy crew cab body.

According to the builder of the truck, the RTO-9513 Eaton Fuller 13 speed barely squeezed between the frame rails of the 1989 old body style crew cab truck. According to him, the “newer” 88-98 style trucks are slightly narrower in the frame department and this big bertha of a gearbox will not fit in them without having to get busy with the torches and cutting wheels.

Like we said about the Dodge earlier, it may get annoying to be grabbing all these gears over and over again around town but it sure looks fun from where we are sitting. Unlike the Dodge, the shifter in the Chevy has been moderately shortened so it is not shooting up Ed Roth style. The thing is still on the long side with the top being several inches above the dash but it doesn’t look quite as weird as the shifter in the Dodge did.

The sound of the Cummins is what we love in this video. As cool as worked up Powerstroke diesels and Duramax diesels sound, there’s nothing like the sound of an inliner diesel. It has the throat and rumbling guts of the big rigs that this setup is trying to emulate. In this 30-second clip you’ll see the driver yank a whole bunch of gears. He does not use the splitter button in this video as there was apparently no air hooked up to it. It doesn’t look like the switches ranges either. We’re guessing that you likely will not need low range a whole lot in a pickup truck with the gearing in this transmission.

Cool? Too much work? Pointless? What do you think?



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