This 1965 Ford N600 Ramp Truck Isn’t A Frame Swap…But There Is Something Swapped

This 1965 Ford N600 Ramp Truck Isn’t A Frame Swap…But There Is Something Swapped

Ford’s N-series trucks of the 1960s were some of the best looking working vehicles by anyone that decade. Their big blunt nose design really relayed the idea that these things were tough, strong, and ready to perform whatever job you needed. N-series trucks were dumps, small tractors, box trucks, and like this one wreckers or ramp trucks. The best part about the one we found for sale on eBay is the fact that this is NOT a frame swapped truck with an old cab on top of all the modern mechanical stuff. Nope, it rolls on the same chassis that the body was mounted on in 1965 and we think that’s great.

The major upgrade that has been made is the addition of a 7.3L Power Stroke V8 diesel engine under the hood of the rig. With a bunch more power than the FE engine that originally hauled the truck around, way better economy, and of course that good 7.3L Power Stroke rattle, the rig is set to not only haul show cars around but it is actually a working truck. There’s 22.5″ wheels on the back and 19.5″ Alcoa wheels on the front of the rig and we should mention that the diesel is backed by a five speed manual transmission.

The seller says that the truck is fun to drive, it’ll rip down the road at highway speeds all day long, and he’s even added an aftermarket AC system to keep you cool on those long summer drives. The asking price for the truck is pretty steep at $40,000 but like a buddy of ours says, “Just buy the other one…” There is no other one.

If you had a towing business and you could both use this truck as a backup to make you some money and then use it on the weekend to haul your personal stuff around it would make perfect sense. It would also make perfect sense if you were itching to spend $40,000 on something. Are you?

Scroll down to see the photos and then hit the link at the bottom for the eBay ad!

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eBay Find: This 1965 Ford N600 Ramp Truck Is Rolling Perfection

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