Toughest Of All Time? Watch The Incredible 1968 Ford F-100 Chase From The Movie Mr. Majestyk

Toughest Of All Time? Watch The Incredible 1968 Ford F-100 Chase From The Movie Mr. Majestyk

The debate about the best car chase in movie history will never be solved because everyone has their favorite. The debate over the best vehicles in a movie chase will also never be solved for much the same reason. Ask 100 people and you’ll get 100 answers. We do think that there are some discussions that can be had and people fall generally onto the same page about. Stuff like the most underrated chase and most under rated vehicle involved in said chase. We have to think that this gem from the Charles Bronson film Mr Majestyk ranks near the top on both accounts.

You have this awesome mountain setting, you have a pickup truck, and you have some of the most hardcore crash, smash, and bash action ever caught on film. It was so gnarly that Ford used parts of these scenes in a TV ad for their pickups. Why was this weird? The movie was made way after that 1968 F-100 was new! The tv ads claimed that the truck had not been modified and it took the bucket loads of abuse like a boss.

So what’s the story and the setup?  The star of that show is a 1968 Ford F-100 truck owned by one Vince Majestyk who is a former Army Ranger and current melon farmer in rural Colorado. Long story short, Majestyk runs afoul of some truly bad guys and they’re trying to kill him. Bad news for them is that they picked a guy who is (a) a certified bad ass who they’re not going to kill and (b) a guy who owns a truck that is tougher than most armored military vehicles. How tough is this truck? Watch the awesome eight minute chase video where it is repeatedly jumped, bashed, smashed, slid, and hammered over rocks, cliffs, berms and other junk. Said truck also kills a few full sized Mopars that the bad guys are driving. There are few (apparently) stock vehicles that have ever taken this level of beating on film and lived to tell the tale. Yes, this truck was still running and driving at the end of the movie. The simple hand lettering on the doors and awful yellow color make it even better. It sure seems like this truck is up for a good fight!


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