Trar-Rod: This 1977 Nova Has Big Tires, A Cage, Lots of Horsepower, And A Spoiler

Trar-Rod: This 1977 Nova Has Big Tires, A Cage, Lots of Horsepower, And A Spoiler

BangShifter Rob Miller sent us this hot off the presses tip yesterday and we thought that you’d want to see it today. Why? This is one of the more interesting trars we have ever seen because it blurs the line (a little) between a hot rod, a truck, and the everyday trar. How? Easy! It has a claimed 500hp (probably 400ish) which is pretty stout in the realm of the trar. It is pretty heavily lifted and according to the seller has worn tires as big as 44″ before. The chassis is a Chevy Blazer (no surprise there) and it has what we think is an NP205 transfer case with a couple of sticks coming up through the floor. All in all, this thing has some good parts and pieces.

Inside the cockpit there is a six point roll bar. You’ll notice that there are no door bars in this cage and frankly the thing thing would probably be harder to get into with them so we kind of get that. Then again, falling out of of the car during some sort of a climb could be problematic, right? The dash is spartan and filled with switches and gages. Overall, the interior of the car strikes us as being about average for a sportsman drag racing machine. Function is the name of the game and form didn’t even show up to play.

Perhaps the biggest kicker to this 1977 Nova is the fact that it has seemingly been used a bunch at places like Glamis and others as the owner claims. We did have to crack up at the line in the ad that reads, “Custom built by a well renowned stock car builder of chassis & engines.” We don’t know who that guys is but we’re guessing that he may not lay claim to this if confronted by it.

We may be snickering but frankly bombing around on the dunes or in the mud with this thing would rule. Think it is worth the money?

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