Video: Crash Testing A Golf Cart At 31mph Ends About As Badly As You’d Expect

Video: Crash Testing A Golf Cart At 31mph Ends About As Badly As You’d Expect

Here’s a weird thing. Of all the races I have been to as a journalist, a spectator, or an announcer, the number of injuries and deaths that have happened in the pits dwarfs the number I have ever seen on the actual race track. People crash golf carts, four wheelers, and pit bikes with amazing frequency and while this will come as a shock to no one reading BangShift, you typically get pretty banged up when munching any one of those options. Don’t believe us? Apparently in Europe they either want to develop craft standards for golf carts or they just wanted to have some fun at the testing lab because in the video below you are going to see a cart get hammered into a wall at about 31mph. For starters, that is hauling ass on a golf cart, and for a follow up shocker, it does not ext well for the dummies on board.

As with most crash testing videos this one is shown from multiple angles, in real time and slow motion, etc. The little cart folds up pretty hard when the booming contact is made. Watch the knees and neck of the driver. We are thinking that this person would have been laid up for some time or maybe even worse, especially with the way the dummy’s neck gets stretched like a Twizzler.

These apparently fall under the category of “quadracycle” in Europe and we’re not sure what the hell that means but we do see that the driver is belted in so these must have to conform to some sort of traffic regulations over there. Lastly the side impact test is a real whopper. With a battering ram on wheels piling into the side of the poor little Club Car and the driver looking like wet spaghetti this is clearly not something you want to be T-boned in…but didn’t we know that already?

We don’t want people to be hurt or killed unnecessarily but at what point does logic intervene here. Were there actually engineers surprised that a freaking golf car did not fare well in crash testing? Really?! Is anyone buying one of these things and expecting to be protected like they are in a Volvo? Hello?

The video is stunning and so isn’t the logic (or lack thereof) behind it.

Press play below to see what happens crash testing a golf cart at 31mph – Not good

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