When The Trucks Were Trucks! Big Tow and Knight Stalker ON Byron Dragway!

When The Trucks Were Trucks! Big Tow and Knight Stalker ON Byron Dragway!

Much like Grumpy Jenkins’ 1974 Pro Stocker set the course for the tube framed, nothing stock about them anymore world of that class, the first tube chassis monster trucks set the stage for the cartoon world that sport has become. This video came long, long before that. Shot in 1989 at Byron Dragway we see two of the coolest freaking monster trucks known to man on qualifying runs for a USHRA event. Yes, they are ON the drag strip with the monster trucks. The obligatory plywood is under the cars but this will make you wince when you see the destruction. There’s a mud pit in the middle, even!

What makes these trucks so amazing is the fact that they are actual steel bodied trucks and the Big Tow Ford actually has a REAL wrecker body on it. Not like a cheap sheet metal and tube wrecker “looking” body but what appears to be a damned Holmes unit and a real sling! The Knight Stalker (which is a weird name…who stalks knights?) is a full sized, long bed Ford with a cap on the bed. A CAP!

Nope, the trucks are not that fast and no they don’t jump that much but this was the time in history when they actually drove over the cars, which as a part of the show that we relished as kids. Seeing the roofs cave and the windows bust was always legit fun.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to watch this for the 384th time. SO AWESOME!

Press play to see some amazing vintage Ford monster truck action

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