Watch Bryce Menzies Jump A PRO 2 Truck 379.5ft – Incredible World Record!

Watch Bryce Menzies Jump A PRO 2 Truck 379.5ft – Incredible World Record!

We know that there have been some big scientific breakthroughs over the last year. Rockets taking off and landing vertically, the potential discovery of some sort of intergalactic communication, and Matt Hagan going 3.822 in a funny car among them. All those are small peanuts when you consider what Bryce Menzies and his Red Bull PRO 2 team recently accomplished when they jumped their race truck 379.5ft. This is literally beyond words. When you see how high, how far, and how long this truck travels through the air and how beautifully it does the job your jaw will be as slacked as ours was.

Remember when people freaked out over Evel Knievel jumping like eight VW bugs in the 1970s? Yeah those days are over. People are jumping race trucks more than the length of a football field and landing them like they weigh 13.4lbs. Unlike the days of Knievel when a guess on ramp size and angle was all that was available to people performing stunts, this one was the polar opposite of that. The science, planning, building, and engineering are beyond what we could really dream up. People were living this deal as their full time job for a long time and the results speak for themselves. Bryce Menzies glides through the air and over the top of a ghost town like it wasn’t no thang.

The flight was even but the landing, which you will see from inside the truck, under the truck, on the hood of the truck, and other places was pillow soft or it certainly looked like it. Menzies was not banged around in the cab and the truck was completely intact. The tires didn’t blow out, the suspension held and this whole thing was just smooth as glass.

Congrats Bryce Menzies, he’s earned a spot in the BS hall of fame with this one!

Watch the videos below to see the most wild truck jump ever pulled off – 379.5ft!


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