Watch This Awesome 500lb Remote Control Front End Loader Lift A Guy Like A Feather

Watch This Awesome 500lb Remote Control Front End Loader Lift A Guy Like A Feather

The world of remote controlled vehicles has such an incredible spectrum of seriousness it is nearly unfathomable. From the stuff you buy in a box and your kid breaks in five minutes to machines like the one profiled in this video, you can literally run the gamut from mild to completely insane with rc. This video focuses on a remote control front end loader that weighs 500lbs, can push 500lbs, and can lift 250lbs at a whack. The dude standing in the bucket below is obviously under the deuce and a half weight lifting limit so this thing literally picks him up like he’s a waif.

Before the lift we get to see the entire machine from end to end and all of the pieces that make it work. The guy in the video is a serious R/C guy but he is not the builder. He actually bought this machine from the man who built it because that guy was wanting to fund the construction of a scale excavator he was jonesing for. Powered by a pair of 12V batteries wired up to provide 24V of power, it is made of steel and is a wonder in more than one way. It steers by articulating like its full sized brethren and with the cab on the thing looks like a Caterpillar! As the dude in the video mentions, the tires/wheels could stand to be a little bigger but honestly if we had this thing we’d never leave the house. Our back yard would look like a WWI battlefield full of trenches and dirt berms and when the winter came we wouldn’t have to worry about shoveling the driveway.

We found the walk around aspect of this video fascinating. Being that the guy knows his RC stuff he is able to describe the systems that operate this remote control front end loader better than we could. There would be a lot of “thingamajig” and “uhhhh” style words if we were forced to break this thing down but he does a nice job. The lifting is damned impressive and when you see him in the bucket it gives some perspective on how big this sucker is.

Finally, note the construction of the bucket and the lifting piston along with the arms. The dude who built this is an amazing craftsman and likely a guy who has pretty exacting standards for his work in the “real world”. What an amazing machine!


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