Wow! This 1948 Ford F-5 Has A Custom Crew Cab, Ultra Rare Four Wheel Drive, And More Rust Than A Sunken Ship – Buy It!

Wow! This 1948 Ford F-5 Has A Custom Crew Cab, Ultra Rare Four Wheel Drive, And More Rust Than A Sunken Ship – Buy It!

(By Scott Parker) – There is no sugarcoating the fact that this 1948 Ford F-5 truck is in rough, rough shape. There is rot for days and the whole thing needs to be blown completely apart to see just how bad it really is. That being said this is a very rare truck and may be the only one left in the world like it. That means like me and nine other guys want it but you get what I mean. This truck has a cab that was professionally customized with an additional row of seating and a single entry door on the passenger side. It has a Coleman AWD system which was a neat bunch of parts that actually made the truck front wheel drive with the option to engage the rear axle when needed. The big truck has a flathead V8 in it, a big boom in the back and a utility body that is teaming with cabinets for tool storage, etc. Fully restored this would be a drop dead gorgeous rig that any truck enthusiast would love. The truck has hit eBay a couple of times with no successful sale yet. The auction actually ends a little later today with this current go around. The looks and the unique construction of this 1948 F-5 have us pretty well freaking out over it. The sobering reality of throwing hundreds of thousands at it to bring the truck into the living realm again is tough to swallow but we’re sure hoping someone with the sickness as bad as we have it sees this big unit and throws down on it.

Here’s the text of the eBay ad –

 1948 1949 1950 FORD F5 Cabover COE Boom Truck

This is an extremely rare, late 40’s Ford F5 cabover truck. It was fitted with a crewcab conversion when new. The cab is stretched and features a rear door on the passenger side with a full bench seat in the second row. There is no rear door on the drivers side. The extended cab structure is made primarily of wood.

Additionally, the truck features a rare, Coleman AWD system. This is a Front Wheel Drive conversion with the option of true 4 wheel drive.

The truck has a flathead V8 and a 4 speed transmission with PTO that operates both 10000 lb winches mounted in the bed of the truck.

The truck appears very complete but does have rust. The rust is extensive through the floor, pillar and front hood/fender areas, as well as in the service box.

The previous owner claimed to have the truck running as recently as 2005. I have not tried to start the truck.

The tires hold air and it rolls and steers freely.

I do have the battery cover/step for the passenger side

The truck is approximately 22′ long, 9′ tall and 8′ wide (not measuring the boom) and 9000 pounds

The previous owner lost the vehicle title and, due to the age of the title, it was purged from the system in the State of Washington. The truck is being sold with a bill of sale only.

As for the history of the truck, this is what I was told by the previous owner. The truck was specifically built for use by The U.S. Coast Guard. It began duty in Oregon and served as a telecommunications repair and maintenance truck on the Oregon Coast. In 1965, the previous owner bought the truck at a surplus sale and transported it north to his home on the Washington coast. He continued to use the truck for a period of time before essentially parking the truck in the 80’s. He started and moved the truck periodically since then but parked the truck for the last time around 2005.

Truck is located in Hope, Idaho 83836. Buyer is responsible for picking up and shipping the truck. I can assist in loading.

Truck can be stored on site for up to 4 weeks to arrange shipping, $150 per month storage fee, after that

Payment is due in full within 7 days of auction end by cash or certified check unless otherwise arranged. NO PAYPAL

Will sell to U.S. buyers only, no International bidders.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the truck by email or 208-946-1879.

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