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Vote For Dr. Jamie: BangShift Officially Endorses Dr. Jamie Meyer For The SEMA Board of Directors

Vote For Dr. Jamie: BangShift Officially Endorses Dr. Jamie Meyer For The SEMA Board of Directors

In a first for us here at BangShift, we are officially endorsing a SEMA board of directors candidate. We’e endorsing a man who we have known since this site started and beyond. We’re endorsing a man who is uniquely qualified to provide the kind of forward thinking leadership that SEMA needs badly at this time in history. We’re endorsing a hot rodder, a drag racing announcer, and a man who has been instrumental in the world of keeping OEM companies, specifically GM involved in the high performance aftermarket game. His name is Dr. Jamie Meyer, and if you are a SEMA member, we ask that you cast a vote for him.

This is not just a buddy deal. The reasons we have to support Dr. Meyer are real and important. For starters we are approaching, at a pace more rapidly than perhaps anyone understands, a world where automated cars become more and more prevalent. Failure to understand how to negotiate these upcoming changes and the technology associated with them could have dire consequences on the industry and who better is there to deal with such things than someone who has seen the evolution of the systems from within their development and integration through his active career at General Motors.

Dr. Meyer wants to expand the voice of SEMA by broadening the base of participants in the organization. Currently it is open to businesses like media, manufacturers, marketing companies, etc but Dr. Meyer sees a future where SEMA’s membership rivals that of the largest enthusiasts groups in the country or the world, no matter the cause. Having that massive, unified voice lends more strength to an already strong organization.

Dr. Meyer wants to support and ramp up efforts to fortify our rights as hot rodders and lovers of high performance vehicles. There’s the RPM Act that’s currently meandering its way through Congress that needs to be passed, there’s also dozens or hundreds of other smaller battles to be fought to protect our ability to wrench on our own stuff. Dr. Meyer is interested in making SEMA a more active organization in these fights and bring the strength of the organization to bear in a more proactive than reactive manner in the years to come.

Finally, Dr. Meyer is highly motivated to engage the youth of the country through SEMA and reengage kids through cars. As he said, “SEMA needs to take advantage of every opportunity for youth engagement. This must be a focus. We must develop more ‘selfie moments’ for our youngest members to share, and therefore, become advocates and future leaders in our industry.”

Lastly, we think that Dr. Jamie Meyer is a hell of a guy. Having known him for a long time we can speak to his ongoing work at GM or we can talk about how he started a drag racing organization, is one of the best announcers we have ever heard, the fact that over the years he has shot and written hundreds of magazine stories in magazines like Hot Rod, Popular Hot Rodding, Muscle Mustangs, and on and on and on. He’s the real deal and someone who can really help SEMA deal with not only upcoming technology but also work with them on protecting our rights and getting kids back into the high performance world.

Vote for Dr. Meyer. We are!

LINK: Learn more about Dr. Jamie Meyer and why he deserves your vote!

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