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BangShift Question Of The Day: What’s The Worst Car Or Truck Model Name Ever?

BangShift Question Of The Day: What’s The Worst Car Or Truck Model Name Ever?

On Monday we asked you what the coolest, or best, car or truck model name ever was and you gave some really interesting answers. Mercury’s Comet and Marauder were both mentioned, as was the Plymouth Duster and Dodge Demon, along with ones we expected like The Judge and Boss. There were also some weird ones like the Gentleman Jim and Beau James which we had never heard of before but now want. This of course got us thinking about horrible car names as well. You know, like the Probe.

There are lists all over the place of some of the worst one, and most of them revolve around some meaning in another language that makes them uncool in  a particular country or countries that speak that language. But there are also just strange weird car names like the Yugo, Probe, Prius, and Citation. There are roughly 2.4 jillion others that you better get or I’m revoking your BangShift cards by the way.

Now is your chance. Let them fly!

What is the WORST car or truck model name ever?

Here are three that should be on the top 100 for sure.


The only reason to own a LeCar is if you were looking for a low cost sex change operation, because driving one would instantly remove any real man’s testicles.


Really? A car that is named after a TICKET! Good thing it didn’t have enough power to get us into trouble or it would be sorta ironic when you got pulled over don’t you think?


2007 Toyota Prius Touring Edition

Really? Come on. If you have to ask then you shouldn’t be reading this.

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26 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: What’s The Worst Car Or Truck Model Name Ever?

  1. Beagle

    Ford gets the nod for most easily mutilated names. The Probe goes without saying… and I’d never name my car after my kid unless his name was Dino. Then there’s the Tortoise, the Fucus, Tampon (tempo), Exploder, and many others. I’ll finish up with the Mercury Mistake (mystique).

    Fuego. F*n Fuego. We couldn’t call them just “fuego” when I worked at a renault/jeep/olds dealership. It was “F*n Fuego” … that’s a pretty bad name for a car.

  2. cyclone03

    Beagle seemed to hit the big ones.
    I’m a Ford guy,but Probe? Come on what where they thinking? My wife said she would never buy a car that reminded her of a trip to the Gyn.!

    1. Matt Cramer

      Could have been much worse – they could have called that car a Mustang IV.

      My pick for the all time worst car name to make it to the US would be the Daihatsu Charade. What, it’s pretending to be a car?

  3. GuitarSlinger

    The AMC Gremlin . I mean … seriously …. you’re supposed to want a car that comes ready made with ‘ gremlins’ awaiting the opportunity to bring your drive to a sudden halt built right into the name of the thing ?

    1. GuitarSlinger

      …. and the name of their car ….. the Nano …. was even worse … Get it ? TATA Nano’s ? Or …errr …. Nano TaTa’s ? 😮

  4. Turbo Regal

    Any Pontiac in the 80’s named after a number: T1000, J2000, 6000.

    After a long history of exciting names like Bonneville, Grand Prix, Ventura, LeMans, GTO, Firebird, Trans Am and the best you could come up with was something your computer spit out?

  5. C1BAD66

    Renault Dauphine.

    Two guys talkin’… “What’s your car?” “Dauphine.” “No, I didn’t ask your GF’s name…what’s your car?”

  6. Remy-Z

    Gotta go with “Probe”. Just say a color in front of it. Green Probe. Black Probe…the exciting one. Probe GT…it’s the high-performance Probe.


  7. Whelk

    Porsche 911, help, emergency!
    Nissan Murano, What the heck is that?
    Pontiac Fiero, ditto
    Dodge Neon, It’s bright?
    Suburu SVX, huh?
    Oldsmobile Achieva, Spell-check wasn’t working?
    Cadillac Catara, Evokes images of….something
    Buick Reatta, Is it a sailboat?

  8. Andy Closkey

    Catalina always bugged me. Feather Duster? Tiburon is weak as well. Nobody has mentioned VWs Thing yet.

  9. John T

    Don’t know if these are peculiar to Australia but there were the Nissan Cedric and Nissan Gloria… Datsun Sunny…Or the Datsun 180B which was utter crap only to be followed by the 200B – an Aussie magazine that reviewed it when new said it was named that because it had 20 more things wrong with it…Then you have the Diahatsu Mighty Boy…which is about the size of an A4 sheet of paper and powered by a rubber band…

  10. John T

    Or the Volkswagen Tourag – English people laugh their heads off at it because one of the lower insults you can call someone is a toe rag…Then we have the Holden Cruze…sounds like something you do in a gaybar with your Mighty Boy and your Probe….

  11. 3nine6

    Does anyone understand any of the current Cadillac car names? TXV or ESP or DTV or whatever the hell they are???? How about the new Cadenza from one of the Korean companies? Sounds like office furniture.

  12. nxpress62

    what was the old joke that in Mexico the word Nova meant ‘no go’? Apparently they didn’t sell well in spanish speaking countries…

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