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Question Of The Day: What Car Will Stop You Dead In Your Tracks, Every Time?

Question Of The Day: What Car Will Stop You Dead In Your Tracks, Every Time?

As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve become a bit jaded to seeing cool cars just parked. It’s one of the bad things about this line of work…when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all until you see them in motion. And that especially goes for cars that sit about a hundred pay grades well above my very own. Since they are unobtanium, they are just artworks to me for the most part. At least, with the exception of earlier today. I stopped by NCM Motorsports Park to handle some business and to check up on their newest additions on what was a pretty busy day. At the far end of the autocross area was a gaggle of Bowling Green’s finest working cones on their motorcycles, and on the track were a collective of race cars and high-end pieces not normally seen out and about. Among the majority of the cars (Corvettes and some really trick British roadster/sports types) were some exotics. One of which gained my full, complete attention. I went dumb…and went scrambling for my camera.

What you are looking at is a 1980 Aston Martin V8 Volante. This is about the halfway point of the V8 platform, which ran from 1969 to 1989, and there is no denying that the Ford Mustang had a lot to do with the overall design of the car. (Though, I must admit, the only Mustang I see is Mustang II in the nose area.) Do I care about that? Do I love this car because of it’s association with the most famous fictional spy? Nope. I love the AMV8 cars because they are neat, tidy, and have a classically British look, but with just enough American styling put in to make it exciting. It’s like having a hot whisky for afternoon tea.

And it wasn’t even the only jaw-dropper there. Among the notables, there was a Ferrari 458 Italia in a color best described as Bailey’s cream, a Jaguar XKR from the 1990s and a whale-tail Porsche Turbo. Apparently I had just missed an Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoligo taking some runs around the track as well. I might not be impressed with the Ferrari, even though it’s a wicked instrument, and I’m not a Porsche fan, but I know people whose brain would leak out of their left ear if they saw an air-cooled Turbo just sitting there. The XKR a gorgeous-looking machine in my eyes, but that’s simply opinion.

And that’s what we are wanting from you today, readers. What would make you stop in a crowded lot full of cars? What rolling machine would cause you to lose all sense? On a sunny, gorgeous day like we had today, it was all I could do to simply snap a few pictures of a droptop Aston…this car needed to be hauled out onto the open road and uncorked. Woof.

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12 thoughts on “Question Of The Day: What Car Will Stop You Dead In Your Tracks, Every Time?

  1. jerry z

    One car that always gets my attention is a different British car, a 289 Cobra. Yes they are pleny of fakes out there and most of the time you can tell. The early Cobras are just simple yet dangerous in a good way. If money was no object, one or maybe several of them would be in my garage.

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    A Bristol 401 – way ahead of its time aerodynamically and capable of nearly 100mph on only 2 liters. Believe me that was super car quick for a 2 door coupe in the 1950s and this car is still stunningly beautiful today,

  3. Jav343

    For me, it’s a tie; The 63-65 Aston Martin DB5 and the 55 Packard Caribbean. Two of the most beautiful cars ever produced, IMO.

  4. Tedly

    Countach. Cobra. 68 Charger. I’ve only seen one Countach up close in real life, and a couple of real Cobras. Both have an aura to them that is irresistible to me, doesn’t matter if they are standing completely still or hauling ass, I can’t look away. Chargers are very similar, but lot more common. Still love em though.

  5. sbg

    Shelby 427 Cobra, Aston Martin DB9… you could put the sexiest starlet, naked next to either of them and I’d never notice her.

  6. BeaverMartin

    E-Types, Big Healeys, oh and I saw a Lancia Stratos once that literally made me drool. Motorcycles too, bevel drive Ducatis, and classic Nortons are just so purposefully beautiful.

  7. IkE

    I am embarrassed to admit it this but a 2003-2004 cobra. It’s not classic, it’s not rare. But damn I’ve just always wanted one, and that sound…. I guess we all just beat to our own drum. If not we would all like the same car.

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