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Question Of The Day: Which Cop Car Would You Want To Be Pulled Over By?

Question Of The Day: Which Cop Car Would You Want To Be Pulled Over By?

It’s been a great afternoon…you took the machine into work instead of the daily, you got off early, and you are on your way to wherever you’re going that isn’t the good old J-O-B. The engine is humming, you’re caught up in the moment…and then your high is crashed down to Earth in flaming wreckage by the sound we all know well: “whoop-whoop!” The lights are turning your rear-view mirrors into some kind of disco-ball attack device, your wallet starts to cry, and you have no choice but to pull over to the side of the road and to find out just what you did that Johnny Law did not approve of.

Being pulled over sucks for the most part. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a warning, maybe even a compliment on your car and you’ll be on your way. But while you are waiting for the cop to finish up what has to be the final few chapters of War and Peace while you wait, have you ever found yourself going over the car they were driving when they pulled you over in? Maybe not, if you’ve been ticketed in the last fifteen years. Once you’ve seen one Crown Victoria, you’ve seen them all. But maybe you got your first look at a Caprice PPV, or for you older types, remember when the cop car that pulled you over was more intimidating than the cop was.

This isn’t a “which cop car is the best?” scenario, either. View it like this: you got caught dead to rights, so which car would you want Officer Friendly driving when he pulled you over? It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone when it comes to my selection: 1975 Dodge Coronet Pursuit. I know the Polara/Monaco from a few years earlier was “the” patrol car, but the Coronet has a few things going for it: the B-platform, which means the Roadrunner had a very serious cousin, offered up handling and a lighter package than the C-platform Polara did; the 440ci RB big-block and 727 were still available, which meant that even when smog-choked, the Dodge could still hang; and durability, the reason I like the “late-B” body Mopars in the first place. Just watch any late 1970s-early 1980s police chase scene and you’ll understand what I mean by that.

Anything goes. Mustang SSP? Caprice 9C1? One of Dubai’s exotic fleet? Movie car? Let’s hear it!

GI60S Montego

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14 thoughts on “Question Of The Day: Which Cop Car Would You Want To Be Pulled Over By?

  1. Weasel1

    If I have to be pulled over let’s go with the 2010 Border Patrol Raptor special police package. once got a ticket for “excessive noise with rear tires”.

  2. CharlesW

    In the early 90s CHP had a few crown vice that had vortech superchargers, I was riding with a friend in his highly modified Mach 1 mustang (he worked for a very high end mustang shop in San Diego) and we were doing a banzai run from the East valley to the beach, normally a 20 minute ride, we were trying to do it under 10 minutes. As we slowed down for a bend in the highway we were doing bout 120 and passed a CHP that was sitting on the shoulder, I told him what I just saw and he laid into hoping he was going to fast and that the cop wouldn’t bother, it what seemed in a matter of seconds we had that crown Vic behind us as if we were doing 35 in a 30. So he did the right thing, slowed down and pulled over, coarse he’s shitting himself saying I’m going to jail, car is getting impounded so on and so forth, cop comes up to the car, ask him to exit the car and step to the back, after I few minutes I hear laughing, buddy gets back in the car and I’m like WTF just happened. He say the cop knows me from where I work at (JBA) and that I will have to do some work on his police car now, seems the car we were pulled over by was a vortech supercharged crown Vic, one of something like 10 or 20 in the fleet and the car had been modified heavily for the extra power except for the suspension and that my buddy was going to do some R&D on it to make it handle better with all the extra power it had. He did get a ticket from him that night for doing 10 over and a burnt out taillight lol

  3. jerry z

    Definitely the new Caprice PLC so I can ask him (or her) when the car will go out of service to buy it! I got pulled over for tint on my 95 9C1 by another 9C1 back in 2004.

    1. Dan Barlow

      I’d say a black cop tahoe . They are just cool . We have ( and probably still do ) had camaro and I blew the doors of a plain wrapped mustang on a 2 lane fly over ramp that cost me a $120 once he finally caught up to me once we got on flat straight road, but the big thing now is crew cab short bed pick ups to look like contractors usually in or near construction zones . Those are the worst because that would probably be a $300 dollar ticket.

  4. MrKewl

    Without a doubt, a 1977 Fury. We all know that everytime one of these attempted to pull someone over a 5-15 minute car chase ensued with all kinds of every-day cars from pre-70s all over the streets and in the end, someone pipe ramped over the broadside of a parked car.

  5. keezling

    A motor cop on a Harley and me in my Cobra replica. Would be a great photo op! Still see county mounties on Harley’s once in a blue moon…

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