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What Are The Most Annoying Phrases Someone Can Put In A Craigslist Ad For A Car Or Parts?

What Are The Most Annoying Phrases Someone Can Put In A Craigslist Ad For A Car Or Parts?

Buying parts or cars on Craigslist can be the most rewarding or the most annoying experience of ones life, depending on just what you are buying and from whom. The number of frustrating moments I’ve had while dealing with someone who is selling something or trying to buy something of mine is too large a number to even count. It boggles my mind to think of some of the stupidity people show. But this isn’t about us, this is about you. We want to hear from you and get the ones that most piss you off or surprise you or maybe even make you laugh which is probably the healthiest response you can have to some of this idiocy.

Of course one of the most famous ad statements, and one that has us laughing every time we read it, is “Ran when parked.” That may have been 50 years ago mind you, but it ran when parked. LOL “No rust.” is one of my favorites, as some humans seemed to have been taught a different meaning of No that I did. Oh well. There are plenty, and I don’t want to let any of my own favorites out of the bag just yet, but why don’t you guys help us out and list yours.

And don’t forget you can mix them. In fact, the best ads usually do.

So think about the no rust, ran when parked, clean interior, and ultra rare 1992 civic you once read about and let us know what your favorite Craigslist phrases are.

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37 thoughts on “What Are The Most Annoying Phrases Someone Can Put In A Craigslist Ad For A Car Or Parts?

  1. Fabricator john

    Ready for paint, only a lil rust, all parts here to complete, gasser, rat …anything, rare, one of ( who gives a crap) , I’m keeping the wheels, ran 10 years ago. Don’t need to sell it ( then why the ad bonehead) no trades ( your a car guy right ? ) extra parts to go with ( trunk of junk) brakes need bleeding , car is out of state, obo ( wants to argue) good tread ( tires at least 10 yrs old)

  2. Greg

    “Air conditioner just needs recharged”
    “Hard work is done”
    “Easy restoration”

    1. Jeepster

      split bumper Camero !

      usually a standard 70-73 front with the incorrect RS bumpers installed

      1. Jeepster

        ha ha ha

        see ridetech ad on the right with orange camero
        with the incorrect bumpers ..!..

  3. sideshowbob

    ” i know what i have “…….and a close second place is ” no title, easy to get”….if its so easy then go get it yourself !!

    1. Matt Cramer

      First one is definitely my biggest pet peeve too; it usually translates to “It’s in horrible shape, but I want mint condition money for it!”

      Registering a 1985 or earlier car in Georgia without a title is pretty easy, but 1986 or later is a nightmare. I’ve bought a few too many vehicles where the seller was a bit paperwork-impaired.

      “Rat Rod” is another pet peeve – it usually translates to “This car is a POS, and I’m charging extra for it being a POS!”

      And yes… I was hoping there was a link to that 1966 Dart just in case it might be a useful parts car.

  4. Weasel1

    Will start with a battery, interior is good,has a “corvette “ engine. The worst is when you finally get there and are informed the vehicle is 10 minutes away

    1. jerry z

      “Needs a little work”, yea right.

      “Easy fix”, then fix it yourself.

      “Must sell, moving”, 3 months later, same ad still there.

  5. Brian Cooper

    Easy fix
    Professionally built by me
    Full race cam
    Needs nothing
    Original miles. Like someone sells reproduction miles, dumass.

    1. Al

      The “original miles” thing goes back to when the odometer on all cars rolled back to zero at 100,000 miles. It was used to tell people it hadn’t rolled over and the 85,000 or whatever miles it showed was the true mileage.

  6. aussie351

    “Last time I’m advertising it”
    “If I can’t get $2000 it’s going to scrap”
    And of course “don’t need to sell” which translates to “I”m going fishing with a stupid price because you’re all stupid and one of you will buy it”

    1. Patrick

      Ultra rare
      Ac just needs charge
      I’ll keep it if it doesn’t sell ( really?)
      Just needs body work and paint
      Used to run, I’m sure it’s an easy fix
      New water pump but it didn’t get hot ( right!)

  7. aussie351

    Oh, and my favorite…

    “Ready to licence”.

    Really? Then get the bloody thing licensed and you can ask a heap more for it!

    Methinks this never means it’s actually ready for licencing…

  8. Dan

    “New breaks” (My English is as good as my ability to maintain a car.)
    “Rat rod” (It’s rusted into the ground and only occasionally runs, but I put an Indian blanket over the seats – which are only springs when you take it off.)
    “Very collectible!” (Not collectible.)

  9. 69rrboy

    All Original Miles………….As opposed to what? Fake ones?

    All original, freshly restored……………..OK which one? Can’t be both.

    Dodge Polaris…………..Are you selling a car or a snow mobile?

    Manuel Transmission…..You named your tranny after some spanish guy?

    AC blows cold…….Well I hope so. If it blew hot that would be the heater!

  10. Joe Jolly

    Original window sticker, comes with original build sheet, 1 of only 1623 offered in cobalt teal blue monoflake iridium paint, with a 348 3 bbl. automatic, a bench seat with wheel covers, hounds tooth trunk liner and heater delete! I like each and every response above also. On the bulletin board at work is a “very sought after” Yamaha Fazar. Or is it Phazer? It’s the most desirable red paint model..

  11. Jeepster

    When looking for vintage 4×4 parts,
    guys do not forget to run a secondary search for:

    Willis Jeeps !

  12. Tombo

    Any add that uses a ton of \”keywords\” that really have nothing to do with what they are selling.

  13. Rocco B.

    1. Everything works except the air conditioning.
    2. Testing the waters.
    3. Need gone.

  14. Geordie Hatin' Mad Chevy

    The two where I want to drive to find the seller/author and have his or her kidneys with fava beans:

    “Runs and drives like it’s supposed to.”


    These people must die, and horribly.

  15. Dick Fitzwell

    “Barn find show car”. Asking price over ten grand

    Usually on a low mileage gm car from the late 70s that somebody stuck in a garage in 1982 for whatever reason

    Sorry buddy gonna have to pass, there’s nothing cool desirable or interesting about your 76 eldorado

  16. Robert

    Needs battery to run.
    Seriously? Put a damn battery in it and prove it runs!

    Or the “easy fix” in the ad. If its so easy, then do it!

  17. China

    “Minor Rust” – more holes in the floor / firewall than a politician’s promise
    “Matching Numbers” – when the POS has had an engine swap
    “Everything original” – Fords came from the factory with 5 speed Toyota boxes?
    “Never thrashed” – mate, you are selling a WRX, of course it’s been thrashed
    “Low mileage” – compared to the space shuttle
    “Tuff exhaust” – I blew the ass out of the muffler
    “Ready for a blue slip” – then go get it, you muppet
    “Only driven on weekends” – at the Drags

  18. Car lover

    “Rare” – means car was undesirable when new and they could barely sell any – like Buick Reatta, Cadillac Allante,
    ” Needs restoration” means it is one step away from scrapyard.
    “Collectors item” means only a hoarder would want it.

  19. c502cid

    Cheap / easy fix …is always a good one.

    New tires. …. yeah they once were new

    300,000 miles but its a Honda (also Toyota) barely broken in. …

  20. JD

    1. “Need to (sale) my car”

    2. I’m asking $1800 but I won’t take any less than $1500. (Ok, $1500 it is then!)

    3. “If you ask is the car still available I will not respond!”. The reason people ask is because so many people never take their add down after selling a car! So your going to pass up an opportunity to sell your car just because someone asks a simple question? Just say yes!

    4. “Just needs battery to run” Then put a freaking battery in it!

    5. “Make offer” Ok, I’ll give you $50 for it.

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